Outfit: Red & Pattern Mixing


Hi everyone! It has been awhile once again but this weekend I had the time for a quick outfit post. I have decided to go back to red hair! I dyed it again two days ago. In 2015-16 I had red hair and absolutely loved it but unfortunately when I was swimming most days, it became such hard work to maintain. I was continually frustrated my hair was a faded orange shade most of the time rather than vibrant red. These days I am still doing the swimming training so the problem hasn’t gone away. But after weighing it up for many months I’ve decided to go back to red hair because I miss it so much! I don’t feel like myself without it. The brown hair was too mainstream. Life is too short for a boring hair colour! The red suits my style and personality much more. I will do my very best to make this work. It is brighter than it appears in these pictures.







This is my new watch which I received for my birthday last week. I love it so much; one of my favourite gifts I’ve ever received! I haven’t had a watch for years now because watch shopping is always such a problem. My wrists are really small so most watches look absolutely ridiculous on me and with big faces being in fashion it’s even harder. I never thought a big face would work but it does because of the thinner strap. This is also the first piece of rose gold I’ve ever had and I’ve admired rose gold for so long now.


Kitten D’Amour Picture Perfect Dress
Wheels and Dollbaby Provence Floral Cardigan
Florsheim Rhoda Kitten Heels
Michael Kors Jarryn Watch in Rose Gold

7 thoughts on “Outfit: Red & Pattern Mixing

  1. This hair color does suit you quite well! I also have brown hair naturally, which I haven’t seen in about 10 years! It just doesn’t feel like my “natural” hair color. Love this outfit, that dress is really cute.


  2. This cardigan is so pretty, and I love all the flowers on it. Such a pretty color too. And those are cute pumps. You’re right, it’s just not the same without red hair for Imogen. You look fantastic!

    love, ~Sheri


  3. The red hair colour you’ve returned to looks lovely!
    Your Kitten D’Amour Picture Perfect Dress looks very pretty and swingy.
    I love its colour and the design. That floral cardigan also looks very pretty.


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