Weekend: Bella Vista Farm


Last weekend I visited Bella Vista Farm with my parents. Bella Vista Farm is located in Sydney’s North West; it is a picnic ground with 20 hectares of parkland and panoramic views.  It was originally established in the late 1700s and is a link to some of Australia’s earliest developments. It is no longer a working farm but has historic features which demonstrate what it was like when the land was used in this way. The original homestead and farm buildings are open to the public once a month, but on the day I was there it wasn’t open.  There are also some sheep on site.  I really enjoyed visiting this location mainly because it was so tranquil. The land is so large and it wasn’t busy last weekend. It was a temporary escape from the real world. We all need that from time to time. I’m looking forward to the next occasion I visit Bella Vista Farm. I’d love to take a set of blog pictures here eventually too. 






6 thoughts on “Weekend: Bella Vista Farm

  1. This looks so blissful and relaxing! I love that it’s so calming and that it was quiet and peaceful when you went to visit. I really hope you get to go again in the near future, it sounds like the ultimate escape ❤

    Sophie | soinspo xo


  2. This farm is peaceful and just what I need right now, Imogen. What a beautiful setting. That’s nice that they open it up to the public once a month. We all need places like this to relax and be around nature. I’m glad you had a nice visit there and got to spend time with your parents.

    love, ~Sheri


  3. This place looks lovely, such a beautiful farm! It’s lovely to be able to go there and to show the nice pictures here, I loved them! I tried to open the running event post, the latest, but the pages says “not available”, is everything OK? I hope so! Hope you have a beautiful day!


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