Outfit: Emerald Dita Cardigan & Polka Dots


As you can see, this is the same as my last outfit post but I replaced the red Dita Cardigan and Robbie Heels with the equivalent green versions. It’s starting to become my uniform. The Dita cardigans are actually very versatile, there aren’t many dresses I wouldn’t pair them with. I don’t expect that to be the case for everyone but I’m particularly drawn to combinations which involve pattern mixing. I have seven Dita cardigans  now but the Emerald version is the first one I ever owned. It’s such a pretty shade and I love green more and more over time.  Yes, that’s the Kate Spade Swan Bag in this post (which I posted in a wishlist a few weeks ago). I was so surprised to receive it for my birthday. I adore it and have used it every day since. A bag so amazing deserves a post of its own.

Happy Easter everyone! I’m enjoying the long weekend here. It’s incredible to think there are two four day weekends in a row because of both Easter and ANZAC day. It’s great to have a break because I’ve been so busy lately with training (swimming, running and tennis). More on that later.  I’ve said it for the past few years and I’ll say it again- Easter is my favourite time of year.  






Wheels and Dollbaby Dita Cardigan in Emerald
B.A.I.T Footwear Robbie Heels in Emerald Glitter
Kate Spade On Pointe Swan Small Maise Bag
Review Polka Dot Dress

18 thoughts on “Outfit: Emerald Dita Cardigan & Polka Dots

  1. Oh yes, you do need a post about this bag, what a cute one! Seems like you had a very happy birthday if that was one of your gifts! 🙂 I like your outfit too, the green is nice with the black and white.

    Hope you are having a great week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog


  2. I’ve always thought you looked lovely in green, Imogen. Those glitter shoes are so cool. You know, I’m very partial to the color Emerald, as it is my birthstone (May). Your polka dot dress goes well with the cardigan.

    Have a nice Friday and weekend, Imogen.

    love, ~Sheri


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