Outfit: Red & Green


Another red and green outfit, I told you I love this colour combination. This outfit is the reverse of the one I posted earlier in the week- red on green instead of green on red. I like the way this outfit turned out. It wasn’t planned, it came together in a rush before work. I also like how this outfit combines a couple of old favourites. I’ve had the cardigan for probably five years now and there wouldn’t be many pieces in my wardrobe I’m still wearing from that long ago. (Back in the days I when had short brown hair). I like the frill detail and the silver buttons. It’s such a nice deep shade of red too. Red is actually incredibly versatile to me. I could accessorise pretty much any dress in my wardrobe with red details.I did a remix post on this cardigan a few years ago here. The mint green lace dress is another old favourite. I’ve had it for a similar length of time. It’s from Portmans and I was so surprised to find it in that store. It seems different to the usual Portmans style and I rarely go into the store. However, I’ve had so much wear from this dress and will continue to do so. Isn’t it incredible how much clothes can remind us of certain times in our lives. In this case, not the best times as my life wasn’t easy five years ago. However, the way clothes bring back such vivid memories is quite remarkable.Β 

My shoes are a much more recent purchase. I’ve been cutting down the spending this year. However, these shoes are one of the few items I’ve purchased. I’ve mentioned a few times how I’m a major fan of B.A.I.T Footwear. The vintage designs are unrivaled by other brands and they are very comfortable. I’ve built up quite a collection now (hoping to do an post on my updated collection soon). I have the Robbies in a few different colours now and when they were released in red I simply couldn’t resist. I’ve noticed Kitten D’Amour appear to have replicated a few B.A.I.T Footwear designs now including the Robbies. I’m not sure the background on it but from my perspective I’m not a fan of the replication. Now I have the red version of the Robbies from B.A.I.T Footwear I appreciate how much better they are; a much classier deeper shade of red, patent and overall better quality.

Thanks so much for your advice regarding my photos being stolen on ebay. It was very helpful and I really appreciate it!








B.A.I.T Footwear Robbie Heels in Red Patent
Portmans Lace Dress
Alannah Hill You Gossip Cardigan
Hair Bow (gifted from my sister)

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30 thoughts on “Outfit: Red & Green

  1. I think it's amazing how clothes we wear can remind us of events in our lives….good or bad. It's like scents, right? And you look fab in these colours for sure:)
    PS Love the Robbies! Good to know they're comfortable too!


  2. I like when unplanned outfits turnout to be ones you really enjoy, it's a nice benefit on a day you're already running behind!

    I know what you mean about associating memories and emotions with clothes. Part of the reason why I have such a hard time letting any go!

    It's good you got lots of help and advice with your ebay issue. It really is so easy to report that they've stolen photos off your blog so I hope you manage to get all the photos taken down now! πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

    Away From The Blue Blog


  3. Lovely colour combination here Imogen, they go together so well! I love your hair bow in the back too, such a pretty detail. I really hope the eBay situation is all sorted out for you now too. Hope you're well! – Tasha


  4. I like red and green outfits and you do it so well, I love your dress and cardigan! And above all, I loved the new purchase, the shoes are really amazing, and the whole combination seems so feminine, like you always are! I am eeeeager to buy shoes like those believe me! And red is my favourite colour! Hope you have a very lovely day, dear Imogen!


  5. That Portmans Lace Dress is gorgeous! I love the lace, the pleated appearance, its mint green colour and its complementary contrast with your frill trimmed rich dark red Alannah Hill ‘You Gossip’ Cardigan. It’s a wonderfully feminine and pretty outfit. I love it!


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