Outfit: Green & Red


IMG_5081Wow it’s been so long since I did an outfit post, it’s actually my first set of pictures taken all year. In addition to being incredibly busy (which you can read about on my fitness blog here), I hadn’t dyed my hair in months and my regrowth was so terrible it was all the way back to my bun. I had a few people ask whether it was intentional ombre! Therefore, I’d been avoiding outfit pictures and cameras in general. I finally had my hair dyed again this weekend. I must never let it get so bad again. Red hair and a routine of swimming six days a week isn’t easy. But I love both red hair and swimming so I make it work the best I can. 

The Kitten D’Amour Picture Perfect dress has easily become my most worn and go to dress. I’m often in a rush for work after training in the mornings so I reach for this dress time and time again. It’s so simple to pair with any of my cardigans. I wish I had the blue version of the dress too. I’ve said many times before that red and green is such an underrated colour scheme. It certainly shouldn’t just be reserved for Christmas. I wear these colours together frequently (such as here and here on the blog). Green is supposed to be good with red hair also.

On another note I’m so frustrated by seeing my personal pictures, taken entirely for the purposes of this blog, used on other people’s ebay listings. It’s happened quite a few times including right now for the Emerald Green Dita Cardigan. I cannot comprehend why anyone would think that’s acceptable. Use some common sense. Just take your own pictures!! I’m also incredibly frustrated by the responses received when I ask the ebay seller to take my pictures down. How can the fact my images show up in a google search, be used as a justification for using them? How can my personal blog photos be compared to using actual stock photos from a website? There’s no need to respond in such a manner. Have you ever experienced this, any tips of what to do?






Kitten D’Amour Picture Perfect Dress
B.A.I.T Everline Flats in Red
Alannah Hill Once Upon A Dream Cardigan in Emerald
Hair Bow (gifted from my sister!)

30 thoughts on “Outfit: Green & Red

  1. So nice to see a post from you! Sorry things have been busy!

    I really like your dress, I can see why it's one of your favourites.

    That's so frustrating about people stealing your ebay photos – I've had that happen to me too and then people contacting me asking why I was selling the bag in the photos. I was not and the bag was likely fake, using my photos to try say it was authentic. I was extremely angry as it was me in the photo they stole, not just the bag.

    Stealing photos is against ebay policy and can get an account suspended – http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/image-text.html#how So you contact the seller first, tell them to take it down. If no response or they don't do it, that link has details of how to file a VERO claim/ Ebay will suspend their listing and possibly their account. It's simple to report and they get back to you quickly 🙂

    Hope you have had a great weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog


  2. Nice to see an outfit post from you. Such a sweet look. I'm so sorry to hear that you had your photos stolen and used on eBay. You should contact the seller directly and ask them to remove them and if they don't comply you should report them to eBay and get them to take action for you. Good luck!


  3. You look really lovely, as usual! And your hair looks great, nice that you had it redone, but you are right – swimming 6 days a week may harm the colour. Also, I liked that people asked you whether that was an effect done on purpose – why not, I bet it was cool! I love red and green anytime and I loved this dress (which I thought was pink) and the cardi ( a great shade of green, that I love!) You look adorable, so beautiful! I am very sorry for your stolen pictures, and up to now, I don't think I had my pictures used without approval, but we never know. I think you should write to ebay (I bet you have done it yet) to complain about the seller. That's really stealing! Hope all gets better soon! Wishing you a nice week!


  4. Looking lovely here Imogen, love the colours here and the bow in the back of your hair, so pretty. So sorry ot hear that someone was stealing your photos for use on eBay too, that's awful! I hope you can report their account and get some peace of mind back about that, as I can imagine that's stressful. Hope you're well lovely! – Tasha


  5. Adorable outfit and I LOVE the neck bow on the dress. Neck bows are my favorite ❤ Sorry to hear that your pics keep getting used without your permission. As far as I know I've only seen that happen once to my own pictures. I can't believe that people would respond negatively when you ask them to take them down. That blows my mind! :O


  6. Love your outfit, the dress is beautiful and it has such a lovely colour. It suits you.
    It's annoying with ebay, but try to contact them directly and let them know what happened.


  7. You look so lovely! And yay for fresh hair! I've been letting mine get pretty grown out too, so I know what you mean. 🙂 And I am so sorry to hear your photos were stolen. I've had that happen to me as well, unfortunately. I actually found them being using on various tights and foot fetish sites (really creepy). I ended up installing a plugin that disabled the right click option on my website. Of course, people can still take screenshots…but it makes it slightly more difficult than just downloading the photos. I had found out the photos were being used via Tumblr and Pinterest..So, I contacted both Pinterest and Tumblr and asked them to remove the photos (which they did). I would try reaching out to eBay directly and explaining the situation. Hope it all works out!


  8. I like your outfit Imogen. .. it's a nice color combo. I know what you mean about your hair, I haven't been to the hair dressers for 6 months, a friend has been touching up my roots but I look forward to getting it fixed professionally. It's crazy how people are stealing photos off the net, there should be some recourse for you…. ♡


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