Current Loves

Alannah Hill My Summer Glow Cardigan
I’ve always loved stripes, bows and the combination of red, white and blue so this is certainly my style. It’s a classic design but also a little different because most of the cardigans at Alannah Hill are solid rather than patterned. My only concern is the large composition of cotton. I usually avoid buying cotton cardigans because of how they lose shape and I don’t like the feel of the material. It’s not completely cotton so I’d have to see what this cardigan is like in person.

Kate Spade Be Mine Wallet
Today I had to go into the city to collect my race kit for the weekend (running event and ocean swim) and while I was there I went into the Kate Spade store. I rarely go to Sydney Westfield so visiting the Kate Spade store was a treat. It was amazing! The store is so pretty and sparkly. The Valentines collection is so beautiful and I’ve always liked heart print. I found so many pieces I wanted to buy. Without going on a massive shopping spree I could probably justify purchasing a wallet but I’ll wait until my birthday because I’m trying to get out of the habit of spending just because I see something I like.

Nike Free Rn Shoes
I already have the Nike Free Rn in a few different colours and I’m very impressed with them (I’ll write a separate post about them on my fitness blog eventually). They are running shoes but I wear them for bootcamp, to tennis and to and from swimming. I love the minimalist and lightweight design and they are very comfortable. The bright colour range is also a feature and, at the moment, the Free Rn is available in 13 different colours on the Nike website. I desperately want to add this pink and blue version to my collection but I’m spending less at the moment so resisting the desire to buy more.

Marc Jacobs Shine Fragrance
I discovered this today during a quick trip to Sephora. I was amazed by the pretty metallic packaging in red, gold and pink. It’s hard to choose a favourite but overall I think the red was the most pretty in person. As far as I can tell it appears to be the usual Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance just with different bottles. I’ve always liked Daisy and I’m running low on it (maybe I’ll try and get some for my birthday next month). I can still smell the scent on me which I sampled earlier today. So pretty. Knowing me, I’d probably find some excuse to own all three colours.

Alannah Hill Only in Your Dreams Cardigan
There are many Alannah Hill cardigans I love at the moment (and as always!) but this one is my favourites because of the unique colour. It’s so difficult to find yellow clothes and especially mustard yellow which is unfortunate because it’s such a standout shade. It also comes in pink which is also pretty. I adore the detailing and beading.

Kate Spade On Pointe Swan Small Maise Bag
Following on from the Kate Spade theme, I’ve always wanted a bag. It would be my favourite brand of bag to have (other than Chanel of course!) I love how the bags are so creative; you don’t see a swan printed bag every day. To me, it’s classic and fun at the same time. I’ve always liked swans for some reason too. At $489 it’s an expensive bag. I’m sure it could be seen as an investment, right!?!!

What’s on your wishlist right now?

34 thoughts on “Current Loves

  1. Kate Spade is always an investment, so, why not – the only thing, is what you said, seeing and loving, and then – in many cases – wearing something just a handful of times… I am trying to avoid that as well! I loved the sneakers, I like Nike very much and Alannah Hill beaded cardi is so sweet! I also loved the striped one, but you are right, checking the fabric is important. I normally like cotton, but yes, it loses the form! The Marc Jacobs perfume… I am eager to try them! And I hope you get the things you want on your birthday, soon! Hope you have a beautiful day!


  2. The mustard colored sweater does look great… and I like the cute purse with the swan xox… I am glad you are not rushing into buy something just because you want it… that is a great way to be xox


  3. Check out shopbop for the Kate Spade bags – they often have sales on and you never know, you might be able to get the bag or wallet you want for a better price. The wallet in particular I'm drooling over, that would be a great birthday gift for you! 🙂

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog


  4. The Alannah Hill 'Only In Your Dreams' cardigan is gorgeous Imogen, I love the colour and the cute floral design around the collar, so pretty. I think my favourite though is the Kate Spade bag, how beautiful is the swan design?! So lovely! I can definitely see you wearing the first cardigan too, it's lovely. – Tasha


  5. That's a cute cardigan. I've always liked stripes too. The swan bag is so cute. I have a blog friend who takes pictures of swans often, and I bet she would love this bag.

    Have a nice Sunday, Imogen.

    love, ~Sheri


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