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Imogen's Blog HeaderHi all,

I’ve decided to create a fitness blog. It’s an idea I’ve been thinking about for awhile now and makes sense given sport is my main interest at the moment. The time now feels right because I have many ideas for the blog which will include favourite products, my fitness goals, active wear fashion and updates on parts of my daily life. Both sport and fashion are my interests so I’ve been thinking about whether to post everything on the one blog or have them separate. I think separately will be a lot more organised and I appreciate my current audience may not be interested in some of the fitness content I’m going to post. But I want to do it because it reflects my life more accurately at the moment. It’s interesting the common misconception that it’s impossible to like both fashion and sport. People I meet for the first time are always so surprised I do sport especially swimming and that misconception is usually based on my clothes. It shouldn’t be that way. 

My fitness blog is Tia Cherie Fitness located here

I’m still setting it up at the moment. I know it’s not a very creative name but I couldn’t think of anything cool or exciting. Plus Tia Cherie is my relatively established Internet name so it makes sense to stay with it. 

I’ll still be updating my fashion blog here as per normal. 

17 thoughts on “Tia Cherie Fitness

  1. I think it's a great idea! And you are right, Tia Cherie is your internet name, I found it cool, what you chose! It's also good to know that you'll go on updating this blog, I love your cardigans! You are right, because of your outfits people don't think you swim or run! Now they will know 🙂 Hope you have a nice weekend!


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