Weekend Away: Pearl Beach


Last weekend I went to the Central Coast for swimming State Short Course Championships. I’ve been there a couple of times this year for swimming and it’s one of my favourite ever locations. It is so incredibly beautiful. I also like Pearl Beach specifically because it’s so secluded at the bottom of a mountain. It’s like being in another world and provides the opportunity to forget about real life for awhile sometimes. There was also enough time after the swimming to enjoy the area. We went for a bushwalk on the Sunday to the top of the mountain and witnessed an amazing outlook into Pearl Beach and Patonga. I’ve always loved the Central Coast. Since I already live in the north of Sydney, it’s not that far away (the start of the Central Coast is only 40 minutes up the freeway). My Nana  lived on the Central Coast (but much further up) for most of my childhood so I’ve spent lots of time there previously and have many memories. I would very seriously consider moving out of Sydney and to the Central Coast one day. I’d definitely be willing to commute into Sydney City for work each day (as it couldn’t be worse than the 1.5 hours each way I do currently within Sydney). Here are my pictures from the weekend (I’ll provide an update on the swimming meet later). 








image1 (20)


What did you do on the weekend? 

19 thoughts on “Weekend Away: Pearl Beach

  1. That section of the Central Coast looks very interesting, pretty and scenic. It's Autumn here so I guess it's Spring where you are – I'm sure the central Coast is a lovely place to visit in the summer. Kudos on getting yourself into such good physical shape. I'm sure all the swimming is excellent for your health. I suspect “brushwalk” is a common Australian term? That second photo looks like it was taken from fairly far up in elevation – love the view. The beach looks inviting in the seventh and the last photos, and I see the boating activity in the eighth. It looks like a lovely location for it. Its nice that you are able to visit and swim there.



  2. I am amazed at the pictures, dear Imogen! Central Coast seems to be a fantastic place! I think your idea of moving is great, because yes, 1.5 hours commuting inside Sydney is quite the same as living in another place (close to) and going to Sydney. What for a great are your nana lived! Hope you have a very nice weekend!


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