Weekend Trip: Palm Beach


This weekend we had a family trip to Palm Beach for my dad’s birthday. It’s very rare the five of us are all together especially with my sister living in London these days. Palm Beach is the northernmost suburb of Sydney and features beautiful landscape including an historic lighthouse. I actually haven’t been here for years. It was such lovely and warm weather. Ever since the start of September, the weather has improved almost instantly. Life seems so much better in all respects. I’m particularly pleased because training can only get easier now- those 5.30am starts at the pool in the middle of winter were brutal!







Kitten D’Amour Girl Friday Spot Top
Kitten D’Amour Girl Friday Full Skirt

22 thoughts on “Weekend Trip: Palm Beach

  1. Imogen, you look so pretty… I have loved seeing you change and grow over the past couple of years… I think that exercising has helped you so much, I miss having that in my life too… lately I have been swimming as much as I possibly can before it gets too cold… xox


  2. So nice that you went to Palm Beach to celebrate your daddy's b-day! And that your sister is there, so good! You all look lovely and by the way, I loved your skirt! True, 5:30 am to go to the pool in the winter is not good at all! I hope you enjoy the week very much!


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