Outfit: Green & Red Tartan


Another outfit which involves green with red; as I mentioned here, it’s such an underrated colour scheme but I love it very much. The last time I wore this dress was also with red; see my trip to the Blue Mountains here. Lately I’ve been enjoying putting together pieces of the same colour but in different shades, so that’s how the double green came about. It’s interesting I always used to hate green, but for the past couple of years my opinion has completely changed and I own so many green clothes now (I think it must have been all those years of green school uniforms which turned me against the colour in the first place). An added benefit is that green is supposed to look good with red hair. The cardigan is one of my more recent purchases; I have it in both the emerald and plum. It’s so comfortable and readily becoming a go-to cardigan. Also in this outfit is the necklace I received from ‘Name Jewellery.’ I’ve always liked personalised jewellery so very pleased to finally own a name necklace.

I’ve been so busy lately and this is actually my first free weekend in almost two months.I’ll still fit in some training for swimming and running but it’s so good not to have any events or competitions this weekend. I cannot wait until the 30th of August because my sister is coming back to Sydney for three weeks and I haven’t seen her for an entire year (she moved to London last August). I don’t know how we got through a whole year without seeing each other; personally I kept excessively busy so I didn’t have the time to feel what I may have otherwise. I have a week of annual leave planned so we are going to have the best time ever! It should also provide me with so material for blog posts








Carrie Style Personalised Silver Name Necklace c/o Name Jewellery
Alannah Hill Once Upon A Dream Cardigan in Emerald 
Kurt Geiger Heels
Kitten D’Amour Suzie Wong Belted Brooch Dress
Coco Land Scarf
Kitten D’Amour Cameo Hair Clip
Kitten D’Amour Heart Bag

24 thoughts on “Outfit: Green & Red Tartan

  1. Imogen… green really looks so good on you… I love the color, I am choosy about shades sometimes but I basically adore the color and yes it does look wonderful with red.

    I am happy to hear your sister will be home, have lots of fun a catch up time, reconnecting is always the best xox


  2. Well hello stranger!! I am.glad to hear your sister is coming over to see you. Hurrah!! Your outfit us really pretty-I love the pale green dress shade and the dark green cardie is such a complimentary piece.Plus, the red accessories are pretty pops of colour against it!!x


  3. I liked green and red, I really like it! I loved your skirt, cardi (as usual, so lovely!) and tartan scarf, plus the beautiful red shoes! I also loved your necklace! I know how it is, in the past I used to dislike yellow, but now I like it so much; the same for you, but green! You look very beautiful! I hope you have a very nice week!


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