Dita Cardigan Collection (Part 1)

I’m a bit late in posting this since the National Velvet Lilac Dita Cardigan from Wheels and Dollbaby was released a few weeks ago. However, it’s one of my more recent purchases and is yet to make an appearance in an outfit post so that still counts as new. I love the Dita Cardigans as the embroidery is very beautiful and the tie collar is adorable. The buttons and trim are even velvet. I’m very pleased with this colourway, especially given I didn’t like the last two colour releases (plain black and gold). It’s very pretty in person and anything in the purple/pink range of shades is always a winner for me.

I now have three colourways of the Dita Cardigan and I can’t choose a favourite.  Lately I’ve been wearing the lilac version the most because it’s new but overall I’ve had the most use from the Rouge Noir colourway so far. The green cardigan was my very first. I also purchased a red one and a coral one from ebay but ended up selling them both. This was because I didn’t like the fit and the sleeves were very long and loose. The newer release cardigans are a much smaller tighter fit. They feel and look much better.

I cannot believe the following these cardigans have; I’ve never seen anything like it before. Many people I’ve seen in the ‘Buy, Swap and Sell Group’ on Facebook have a collection of 20 +. As much as I love them I’d never own the same cardigan in that many different colours. It’s unbelievable seeing some of the older colourways, in pre-owned condition, going for $400 on ebay when the RRP was $190. I was just following one on there today which ended up going for $375. I hope one day there will be a yellow version and a re-release of pink and also pale blue. The black with red embroidery is also a favourite too.

I only discovered these cardigans relatively recently so my collection just started about a year ago. As a result, I’m sure my collection will never become as large as my Alannah Hill Collection of cardigans!

I’m sure one of my next outfit posts will be of the lilac version. Until then, I’ve put together a few previous outfit pictures of the Emerald colourway and the Rouge Noir colourway. They are all very versatile and have proven to match with many different outfits. I prefer to wear these cardigans with dresses than skirts for some reason. 

Do you have any Dita Cardigans? What do you collect?

Dita Cardigans from Wheels and Dollbaby

24 thoughts on “Dita Cardigan Collection (Part 1)

  1. Ooooo, Purple is my favorite color, so I love the Purple cardigan. What a sweet picture of you next to the red bicycle. I hope you are doing good, Imogen. It's been pretty hot here in California during these summer months.

    love, ~Sheri


  2. I hadn't heard of these cardigans before. They're super pretty, I can see why someone would want all of the colours! Though paying double (triple!) is a bit more than I can take, haha 😉 But yes, they're adorable. Those collars are perfection, and I love how you've styled yours, they really look nice with skirts!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh


  3. You really give these cardigans justice as every outfit you're in with them you styled them perfectly!!! They're really lovely, and I'm such a cardigan girl, but I have yet to grab one of these. I think between the price and how much they resell for is what's held me back. I agree that it's nuts how expensive they get for resale! REALLY lovely post, lady! XO
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  4. Dear Imogen, good that the cardi now fits you more, but anyway, I love these cardigans so much! I only got to know them through you and I didn't know about this facebook group! I want to join it now! And then for $400 when the RRP was $190! I am amazed! Your pictures with the cardigans are always so lovely, you look so beautiful! Hope you have a lovely week!


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