Here are my latest pictures from Instagram. I’ve included pictures from the last couple of months minus my outfit pictures as they’ve already made an appearance on the blog. The first set are from the Sydney Harbour 10km last weekend, which I’ll share a few words about first:

The Sydney Harbour 10km was my first ever running event. The Parkrun is the only organised run I’ve ever participated in and that’s hardly the same. I’m sure I would have been capable of participating in running events before, but I always doubt my confidence and like to ensure I’m well and truly prepared before attempting anything. I’ve run a few 10kms in training before so I knew I’d be able to make the distance. The time felt right. I had the best time ever!! It was incredible being a part of an event of this nature. The environment and atmosphere was amazing to witness. I’ll remember it for a long time to come. The best aspect was a personal best time of approximately three minutes. I completed the 10km in 54 minutes and 40 seconds. I never expected to be able to maintain 5 minutes 28 seconds per kilometre for the whole 10km. I felt a whole range of emotions at the end. I felt so proud because competing in running is so new for me. My background is in swimming and not running. It’s the swimming training that got me to this level with running; I was very average at running before becoming serious about swimming this year. After such a positive experience, I’ve now signed up to the City 2 Surf in August which is 14km. 

This set were taken on a sunny Saturday morning at the Parkrun:

L-R: 1. Juliette Princess Miracle wearing my wedding dress (taken a few years ago but re-shared) 2. A good temporary fix for a missing button 3. Cupcakes at work to celebrate the launch of ‘Facebook at Work’ 4. The finish line for the Sydney Harbour 10km 5. New personal best for 5km at Parkrun of 25:02 (now desperate to get under 25 minutes) 6. Husband came to Parkrun 7. Selfie with the husband 8. Trying out the new Polaroid camera 9. Monday 5.30am swims are the hardest 10. Trying to fit in some hill runs and interval training

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17 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Hi, dear Imogen! I'm back from blog maintenance! I am sooo amazed, the 10 km in less than 55 min!!!!! Well done! I am like you, I need to be well prepared too, to feel more confident. But I don't run, so I am in pure admiration now – you are great! And in August, City Surf for 14 km, wow! I loooved the cat picture into the wedding dress, so sweet! Hope you have a lovely day!


  2. Loving all of your running update and candid shots, you're inspiring me to get out and about more! The photo of Juliette in your wedding dress is just adorable too. – Tasha


  3. I know you love your hair in that one hairstyle. I hope you don't mind me saying that I really love the way you wear it when you run. I had no idea it was that long! 🙂

    I wonder do you use anything to protect your hair in the pool? I have a Davroe leave in conditioner specifically for that situation but I am only in there 3 times a week max, it works great for that situation with the added benefit of smelling great. But given how much you are in there, you may have found an even better product?


  4. Your instagram pics are always delightful, Imogen. I love the one of the white cat all covered in white, that's so pretty. The sun picture is beautiful also. It looks like you are doing well with your running goals. Good for you!

    love, ~Sheri


  5. I love looking through these photos! The kitty in the wedding dress and the temporary fix for a missing button are awesome! Love the new instax cameras. The pics come out surprisingly like the old Polaroids. I only wish someone would start commercially making film for the actual old Polaroid cameras again as I do like the bigger photos they made best.


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