Outfit: Black Lace


This is a change for me, wearing so much black in an outfit. The incorporation of pale pink, lace, polka dots and bows, made it very much my style despite the overall darker colour scheme. I love this jacket so much; it has to be one of the pieces I’ve had the most use from out of my entire wardrobe. I like how it’s the structure of a jacket but made from light cardigan material. It’s my first ever piece from Kitten D’Amour, back in the days before we had stores here in Sydney and I discovered it while on holidays at the Gold Coast. I’ve shown it a couple of times on my blog now including here. Today I decided to pair the jacket with one of my newer pieces from Kitten D’Amour. I missed out on the dress initially when it came into store but was able to purchase one from the ‘Buy, Swap and Sell’ group on Facebook recently. Even though the dress was released a number of years after the jacket, they go so well together being in the same style and colours. 

I haven’t had much time for blogging lately. But now I’ve got a few posts lined up so check back soon. 








Kitten D’Amour Lace Bow Jacket
Kitten D’Amour Lace Dress
Wittner Reece Heels

19 thoughts on “Outfit: Black Lace

  1. Imogen, I love the dress, the bottom part with the lace is really pretty… I totally understand how busy you have been, I am glad you are enjoying your running and swimming… that is awesome xox


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