Outfit: Red Embroidery


Hi everyone. It’s been awhile since I last posted an outfit; I’ve had two incredibly busy weekends and it’s always dark when I get home now. I need to get back into it. This dress is the most recent addition to my wardrobe. It’s a Kitten D’Amour dress but purchased from eBay. It’s from a collection about a year and a half ago and I’ve regretted not buying it ever since. I’m so pleased to have found it now and at such a discounted price. The print is check close up. I adore the fit and flat silhouette and the detailing. It’s incredibly versatile and I can wear pretty much any cardigan with it. The double red is always a good option. For once, I actually haven’t bought many new clothes for awhile now. It’s been 10 weeks since a Kitten D’Amour purchase which must be a new record for me. I’ve haven’t liked anything in the store for ages; too many of the recent ranges has been “basics” and I only look to Kitten D’Amour for “statement” pieces. In a way that’s very satisfying to see how much longer it will be. 







Kitten D’Amour Dress
Wheels and Dollbaby Birds of Paradise Cardigan
B.A.I.T Footwear Gloria Flats in Red

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22 thoughts on “Outfit: Red Embroidery

  1. Oooh… I could imagine how you feel when you snag a pretty favourite at a later date for a much discounted price coz I've snagged a few pieces in this way too and it's such a feeling! Looking really bright and cheery in this dress and cardigan!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière


  2. Love the check print on this dress and the detailing on the back of your cardigan, super cute! I'm the ame with blogging at the moment, too I'm scheduling in all of my posts to fit in around work, but it's hard! – Tasha


  3. Imogen, you look so pretty in this dress… fit and flare is such a great look on you. I think you have been so busy with your swimming and running that it takes up the time you used to shop… that is pretty awesome… Have a great week xox


  4. Kitten D'Amour is so lovely, dear Imogen! I loved the dress, but I loooved the cardi too and together they are such a nice match! You look very beautiful! I know how it is when we have a favorite brand or store 🙂 You did it very well purchasing this lovely piece!


  5. Such a cute dress and I love how you paired it with this cardigan! So pretty together! Congrats on finding this older one for a decent price on ebay! I love it when you are able to find the dresses you regret passing up on! All the better when you find it for a decent price! ❤


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