Outfit: Nautical Polka Dots


Hi everyone. Today I’m back to another fashion post after the last couple have been sports related. I’ve worn this outfit a couple of times recently- for Mother’s Day on the weekend and to work last week. It’s one of my most commented outfits, probably because it’s so bright. At the end of last winter/early spring, I got into coloured tights. I didn’t like them much before because there wasn’t much of a colour range available and they are hard to find over here. However, I came across an amazing range in H & M which were excellent in terms of both quality and price. I quickly purchased red, magenta, cobalt, mustard, green and white. I wore them a few times last year (such as here and here) but unfortunately discovered coloured tights a little late as the warm weather quickly arrived. Now it’s getting cold enough to start wearing them again and I know I’ll love that. This is my first time wearing coloured tights this year. As for my coat, I cannot believe I’ve never displayed it on my blog before. I recall taking pictures wearing it once but I don’t think they ever made it onto the blog. I’ve had this coat for a year and half now and it’s one of two pieces I purchased when Kitten D’Amour opened its first store in Sydney. It’s a very much sought after KDA piece as it sold out quickly. I love how it’s bold and makes such a statement. Nautical has always been a favourite trend too. While the coat certainly stands out on its own, I do love pattern mixing so I paired it with my bicycle printed dress (first shown here).










Kitten D’Amour Hello Sailor Coat
Kitten D’Amour Bicycle Print Dress
Alannah Hill I’m A Little Fuss Pot Cardigan
H & M Red Tights
B.A.I.T Footwear Gloria Flats
Kitten D’Amour Love Me Tender Cameo Comb 

27 thoughts on “Outfit: Nautical Polka Dots

  1. Imogen, I adore your fit and flare style… it's such a great look for you. I love tights and plan to wear many when we have cooled weather… have great week xox


  2. It's true, dear Imogen, how come you didn't show us this amazing coat before!? I love it! The color palette, the style, all so beautiful! I loved the skirt as well and the coloured tights, and good that you could wear them, first time or not, this year! I hope you can wear them more, cause I love red and tights! 🙂 You look lovely, as usual! Hope you have a sweet weekend!


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