Weekend Away: Blue Mountains (Part 2)


Hi everyone. Here are my pictures from the second day of our trip to the Blue Mountains. It feels like so long ago now and I only just remembered I hadn’t shared this set of pictures. These were all taken at Wentworth Falls where we went for a bush walk through the mountains and near the waterfalls. I was starting to become a little bored with the mountains prior to our trip to Wentworth Falls so luckily I googled what to do in the mountains and this stunning place came up. It was the highlight of the trip. I was a little overdressed for the bush walk as I didn’t expect there to be so much physical activity involved. However, I wouldn’t have dressed otherwise as this outfit made for better photos. In general I think red and green is such an underrated colour scheme. It’s very beautiful, bright and positive- I’m going to wear it more from now on.











Kitten D’Amour Belted Brooch Dress in Green
Wheels and Dollbaby Birds of Paradise Cardigan
B.A.I.T Footwear Gloria Flats in RedΒ 

27 thoughts on “Weekend Away: Blue Mountains (Part 2)

  1. You certainly look beautiful in this. I'm not sure I could do climbing and strenuous activity in such an outfit or shoes, I'd be too worried about slipping or breaking an ankle! You're braver than me!

    I would love to see the actual falls too!


  2. Hi, dear Imogen! I am sure that this trip was amazing, I can see through the pictures! Well done by finding a nice place, Dr Google is so good πŸ™‚ I also do that πŸ™‚ You are so right, with or without so much physical activity involved, the outfit is precious! I loved the embroidery on the back, such a sweet jacket and the dress is also super cute! And I loved the flats! You look gorgeous! As usual! Hope you have a very lovely weekend!


  3. Imogen, this scenery is so beautiful… it looks like you see the horizon… I do like your color choices with the light blue and the red, it looks wonderful together … I hope you enjoyed you time off, if anything it's good that you were able to relax xox


  4. I love the red rose sweater, and you look so pretty in red and aqua. It suits you. The mountain pics are great. I'm glad that you surround yourself in nature from time to time. It does our bodies good. πŸ™‚

    Have a lovely rest of the week, Imogen.



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