Rich Tones

Burgundy, maroon, wine, rouge noir…whatever one wishes to call it… is an amazing, classy and beautiful colour. I love how rich and regal it looks. I am especially loving the tones with a red, rather than purple, undertone at the moment. Ever since the middle of last year my love for this colour has increased. It was many of the pieces I purchased last winter in this shade, such as my Forever New coat and Wheels and Dollbaby Dita Cardigan, which converted me into loving this colour. Now in the middle of summer, my love for this colour certainly has not diminished. I’ve never really understood why certain colours are associated with particular seasons. I think burgundy can easily be worn all year round just as black can be worn in summer and pastels can be worn in winter. I recently purchased the flats displayed in this post (unfortunately not the kitty cat ones) from Forever New and it renewed my love for this shade. There are some more pieces coming into the store in burgundy shortly. As the cooler weather approaches, I expect more of the stores to do the same. I’m always looking out for this pretty jewel tone.

Are you a fan or tones in this realm- burgundy, maroon, wine, rouge noir?I LOVE Burgundy 2

 Photos from: Nelly, ASOS, Michael Kors, Forever New, Kate Spade, Wolf and Badger, 1st Dibs, Charlotte Olympia via net-a-porter

42 thoughts on “Rich Tones

  1. I am in love this colour right now! You can tell it's a popular colour because just about every girl I work with has at least one piece in the shade, haha! I recently picked up a skirt (on sale!) in maroon, it's so fun to wear 🙂 It's too bad the kitty shoes weren't in the cards for you, but the pair you did buy are fantastic as well!



  2. Imogen, this was the color of my bridesmaids' dresses (the color of the rose)! And the maid of honor had a bit more pink in it. Such a pretty collection you have here. Love those shoes! Lucky you to be able to wear that high of heels!

    love, ~Sheri


  3. This amazing piece you are wearing, in burgundy with black detailing, so cool! I am a burgundy lover, yes, and maroon, wine, every nuance of the color is nice, rich, deep, sentimental in some kind of way, if I am not being overly poetic 🙂 I am eager to see more pieces like that soon, and you have such a way to match clothes in an elegant and beautiful way! Hope you have a nice weekend!


  4. Imogen, I love the burgundy color… it is a really rich shade that does look great any time of the year… you look awesome, I hope everything is going well for you.

    I have been back to walking more and it feels great… I am excited for the weather to get even better so that I can start walking my 5-6 miles a day again xox


  5. What a gorgeous, rich colour – I can understand why you're in love with this shade! The flat kitten slippers are wonderful (Charlotte Olympia?), really lovely selections 🙂


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