New In: Silver Detailed White Pumps

I did some shopping on the weekend and managed to find this beautiful bargain. I love Wittner shoes and, although they start off expensive, they do have some amazing sales. This pretty pair of heels were a quarter of the original price. I remember awhile ago that Wittner introduced a bridal range and this was part of it- this is good because it means they are extra girly! The sparkly detail is lovely and I always adore a pale coloured shoe. I can’t wait to wear them for the first time. I hope I find a permanent solution to my ankle injuries because I haven’t worn heels much in the past few months. pickerimage (1)

IMG_4577[1]Wittner Royce Heels

35 thoughts on “New In: Silver Detailed White Pumps

  1. They are beautiful shoes! Hopefully your ankle will heal and you'll be able to get lots of wear from them soon. I find Wittner make the comfiest heels, and like you said you can always score them on great sales!

    Where else could you get leather shoes for $20?! All my heels are Wittner ones, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog


  2. Imogen, these are pretty and sparkly. . I do hope your ankles heal enough for you to wear them soon ♡ … I think my heel wearing days are over now that my knees are so bad… I love the look of heels ♡


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