Weekend Away: The Entrance (Part 2)


Hi all! Here are the pictures from the second day of our trip to the central coast (which was almost 2 weeks ago now). You can see part 1 here. It was only a very short trip- I could only get accommodation for two nights given that we booked with very short notice, but I didn’t mind it being short. I don’t usually like going away for very long and there wouldn’t have been much to do there in excess of three days. It was just the right about of time to get out of Sydney. The weather was beautiful on the second day and the scenery was in such vivid colours. It was very bright for photos which is why I’m never facing the camera here. I can’t believe I got sunburnt! I didn’t even go swimming. We just had a short walk on the beach and I even wore sunscreen. My pale skin is really not suited to the Australian climate.












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34 thoughts on “Weekend Away: The Entrance (Part 2)

  1. You look so cute Imogen… I'm glad you had a good time at the beach even of you did get burnt… I'm the same, I always say I never tan I burn, I peel, I pale white again… I try to make sure I don't get burned ♡ xox


  2. Lovely photos! I get sunburnt very easily too! One time I went to the beach I put on so much sunscreen and was only outside for an hour, but I still got burnt. -_- Now I have to send my time under an umbrella.


  3. Imogen, it's hard to not notice you in these pics cause you look so sweet, but these ocean pictures are extraordinary and the views are stunning. What a great place to visit. You never got back to me on your pictures and how you make them so big?

    love, ~Sheri


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