Here is the latest installment from my Instagram. I’ve included pictures from the last couple of months minus my outfit pictures as they’ve already made an appearance on the blog.

L-R: 1. my favourite outfit post from our trip to the Central Coast. 2. Halloween cupcake made by a colleague at work. 3. our accommodation at the Central Coast. 4. Saturday morning Parkrun. 5. Forget Me Not Peekaboo Dress from Kitten D’Amour. 6. selfie with the husband. 7. training session for swimming. 8. mini train ride at the Central Coast. 9. a Monday night training at the pool. 10. with Juliette Princess Miracle on Christmas Day. 11. husband’s work Christmas party. 12. purchases from the opening of the new Kitten D’Amour store in Chatswood. 13. lovely day in Sydney. 14. Christmas decorations. 15. I’m weird and enjoy train travel (as long as it’s a relatively empty train). 16. beach at The Entrance


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