Weekend Away: The Entrance (Part 1)


Hi everyone! We’ve made it from Sydney to the Central Coast and are on day one of our holiday. I’m posting this from the hotel room- two posts from me in 24 hours! Today was taken up by travel, checking out the area and a walk to the beach. The area is very beautiful and there are so many pelicans! The scenery makes the perfect location for outfit pictures. It was a little cold this morning but it’s become better as the day has progressed. I just wish it wasn’t so windy on the beach when taking the photos. We about to go out for dinner which will be enjoyable and I look forward to wearing one of my new dresses which I received for Christmas. I’m not too sure what we will do for the next couple of days as the husband and I are not really into the beach but I’m sure we will be able to occupy ourselves. Here are the photos from the walk to the beach earlier this afternoon.













Kitten D’Amour Pretty Ballerina Dress in Lemon
Kitten D’Amour LouLou Handbag in Black
Florsheim Boka Flats in Coral

41 thoughts on “Weekend Away: The Entrance (Part 1)

  1. I live near the beach but rarely go there… I wouldn't swim there but walking on the beach and seeing all the beautiful and colorful views would be awesome.

    You look lovely in your dress Imogen.. it's a pretty color for you. Enjoy your vacation♡ xox


  2. The sand, views and scenery at the beach there look beautiful. I guess you must have just started your Spring there in the Southern Hemisphere? I've had a mild start to Winter here in the NorthEast U.S. so far but I suspect the cold will be here soon.
    I love the lemon colour and lace of your Kitten D'Amour Pretty Ballerina Dress!
    Enjoy your time there. I hope your New Year's and year 2016 are fabulous ones!



  3. This post is lovely! I loved seeing these photos pop up on my Facebook feed yesterday – I love going for a wander at the beach and you look lovely – your dress is so pretty. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and are both enjoying your holiday so far! – Tasha


  4. The ocean is beautiful, Imogen. Sometimes I long to see the ocean. Look at those sweet pelicans – they always amaze me! And the dress you are wearing is just right for a night out with your husband. Love the soft yellow color. Did I ever ask you how you get your pictures so big? I know blogger only has the x-large setting, which we use, but your pics seem to be much larger.

    May the new year bring you much peace and joy and love, Imogen. Looking forward to more of your delightful posts in the coming year.

    love, ~Sheri


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