Outfit: White Lace


The weather this weekend has been insane – it’ been 40 degrees for most of it. The temperature gauge up the road from where I live actually clocked 46 degrees this evening. I usually love the heat, even of a rather extreme nature, but this weekend has been different- it was really uncomfortable. I tried to do the Parkrun again on Saturday but the heat made it the most awful experience because by 8am it was already well over 30 degrees. I couldn’t keep up with my usual pace and was barely even running as I somehow struggled across the finish line.  I felt like such a failure. It was so incredibly frustrating not being able to properly finish the race when I usually can. On another negative note, it was my first run back after taking an injury break for the past two weeks. Unfortunately, I returned too early and my ligament tear is not fully recovered. I’m so disappointed. I’ve mentioned my ankle injury many times here before and it’s been an ongoing issue ever since I took up running again in July. I cannot find a permanent solution. It’s frustrating seeing some potential in my times and distances, but not having the opportunity to train properly. I’d do anything to find a permanent solution.

From a more positive perspective, I’ve decided to train in the pool especially while I can’t run. I hate that when I take injury breaks, even for a couple of weeks, I’ve lost so much of my fitness level and it’s almost like starting again. I’m hoping swimming will help with that. I googled it and apparently swimming is the best possible option for me and greatly improves running. I didn’t know how helpful cross training could be- one site told me swimming will be the best possible return on investment. This has made me feel better about the whole situation as, when I swim, I know I’m really training for running. The best news is that swimming isn’t hurting my ankle. I started this weekend swimming 1km yesterday and 2km today. I’ve mentioned a couple of times before on here that, while growing up, competitive swimming was such a huge part of my life. So every time I get in the pool now, it takes me right back!

Now onto the outfit. Given the weather, I found myself reaching for a cool white dress. I love this dress with the lace and the neckline detail. It was a bargain too- half price a few months ago. Then I randomly added a yellow belt, liked how it looked and decided to make the yellow a feature. I’ve adored yellow this whole year, despite previously hating it. This is also a new bag from Guess, same as the version I have in red, and I’d been looking forward to styling it. My shoes are another successful purchase from B.A.I.T Footwear. I’m majorly into their flats because they are both comfortable and adorable. I’m planning to do a separate post on my B.A.I.T Footwear collection soon, once my new pairs arrive for Christmas. 







Forever New Lace Dress
Forever New Earrings
Guess Korry Small Classic Tote
Bow Belt via Ebay
B.A.I.T Footwear Everline Flats in White

32 thoughts on “Outfit: White Lace

  1. Oh Imogen, you really do look pretty and fresh in this! I adore it and the belt really works. Makes me think of Belle from Beauty and the Beast because of that yellow!!!!I'm sorry to hear about your ankle but I am pleased you can swim, 1km!??!?!?!! I could never do that- I love swimming but I am slow with a bad technique!x x


  2. I didn't realise it gets so hot by you during your summer. Winter will start where I live tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it. Sometimes I wonder if migrating birds have the right idea, but I'm so reclusive I don't travel.
    So sorry to read about your not-yet-healed and aggravated ligament tear. I hope you will be careful and let it heal, only doing recommended physical therapy. The swimming is a great idea. I hadn't known you'd swum competitively in the past.
    Your Forever New Lace Dress is GORGEOUS!



  3. What a sweet white lace dress with the great pop of yellow… you look so cute Imogen xox

    As for not being able to run, I feel for you.. I'm glad you're able to swim. I start to feel good and then I reinjure myself too… I'm just going to have to wait it out so that I don't permanently do damage xox I wish I could swim, it would help me too ♡♡ xox


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