Outfit: Cameo Dress


Hi all. Yesterday, the husband and I went to the park- a location we used to visit frequently but haven’t visited at all for the last couple of years. It’s lovely there, one of the biggest parks I’ve ever been to, but isn’t as accessible ever since we moved and no longer have a car. The reason for the trip was to celebrate a birthday- that of an extremely important being called Yakamitsu Yak (also known as the husband’s toy plastic yak). We’ve had him for 6 years now. One year we even took him to KFC on the 13th of December. No, we are not weird at all. Yaksmitsu had an amazing day. We quite enjoyed it too. The park always has good opportunities for photos. Pandora, our panda, joined us too- I have to resist the habit of calling her Sue. 

It was amazing to have the opportunity to wear my Cameo dress. It’s such a pretty print and colour scheme. I love the neckline and the general vintage inspiration. I randomly decided to pair pink with it and I’m pleased with the way that turned out. The shoes I’ve had for many years now but haven’t worn them in awhile. I’ve brought them to the front of my wardrobe again. I’d forgotten how much I love them with the floral design and pink detailing.  

I’m sure this is going to be the busiest week of the year so I won’t be around here as much. I also need to take an exam for a course I’m doing through work which couldn’t have come at a worse time. We’ve decided to go away for a few days just after Christmas. I’m looking forward to it because the husband and I hardly ever do things like that. I’m not really into Christmas (sorry everyone!) but this provides something to look forward to in the break. 










Kitten D’Amour Cameo Dress
Wittner Shoes
Bow Belt via ebay

Forever New Imogen Scalloped Bag

44 thoughts on “Outfit: Cameo Dress

  1. Imogen, the dress is so cute, you look adorable as always. I'm glad you had time at the park with your husband. I hope you have funny and happy for the next couple of weeks. Good luck on the test, I'm sure you'll do great xox ♡♡


  2. You look so lovely 🙂 Pastel colours look so nice on pale skinned people <3

    Would you be interested in following each other? Let me know in my blog or follow me first and I follow you back asap. (Also let me know in my blog) Have a lovely week.

    Walking Freckle


  3. habe ich mir überlegt eure Produkte auf meinem Blog vorzustellen

    und an einem Selbsttest zu dokumentieren.

    Ich bin überzeugt von eurem Sortiment und würde das Projekt “Detox your life”, gerne mit “Gegengift” starten.

    Habe ja euer Probeset bereits bei den Pressdays bekommen und fleißig getestet und bin verliebt. <3

    Da dies gerade bei jungen Frauen ein lästiges, sich ständig wiederholendes Thema ist

    und zusätzlich die Weihnachts- und Silvesterzeit ansteht in der man in dem kleinen Schwarzen nicht nur toll aussehen,

    sondern sich auch so fühle will, ist jetzt der beste Zeitpunkt um euer Sortiment zu präsentieren.

    Da Blogger ein hohes Vertrauen genießen und oft gerade von jungen Frauen zur Rate gezogen werden,

    ist eine solche Kooperation eine gute Möglichkeit um die Aufmerksamkeit auf eure Produkte zu maximieren.

    Da spreche ich aus eigenes Erfahrung 🙂 .

    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn eine solche Kooperation Zustande kommen würde.

    Besteht Interesse und habt ihr etwas Budget für eine solche Zusammenarbeit zur Verfügung?

    alles Liebe

    Julia-Karolina/Amely Rose


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