Outfit: Cherry & Tartan


Hi everyone! Yesterday I went to the opening of the new Kitten D’Amour store in Chatswood. There was free champagne and macaroons which were very tasty! They also had a sample sale (the first one that’s ever occurred in Sydney) and the new collection was available for purchase, despite it not yet being officially released. The best bargain I found was a beautiful pink fit and flare dress which was reduced from I think $250 to $59. The dress in this post is the piece I purchases from the new Kitten A Go Go Collection. It also comes in blue and in white. I wasn’t sure which one I liked the most but decided on red once I’d tried them all on. The Kitten A Go Go Collection is predominately made up of the one print- cherries, Kitten D’Amour logo, vintage cars and vintage girls in crop tops and shorts. The print has been very popular among fans, however I actually don’t like it. I thought that would rule out the whole collection for me, so I was very pleased to see this dress. It’s actually a red and black tartan print close up. As with most Kitten D’Amour collar dresses, it was way too big in the bust, but luckily a couple of stitches fixed that. The addition of the cherry is adorable and makes the dress unique. I’ll definitely be getting a lot of use from this dress over the summer.

The husband and I sure have our own unique style. It was so sunny in this picture, that’s why I didn’t even try and look at the camera. It’s been so hot lately- 30-35 degrees most days and a few days reaching 40 degrees. I like how it makes my hair look more red. 

Yesterday I went in the weekly Parkrun but struggled with the race as I’m injured again. I shouldn’t have run but find it hard to take breaks as I really want to get good at running. It has also been such a positive for me in terms of mental health and lifestyle, so it’s tough to stop running. My ankle problems have been on going for months now and I can’t seem to find a permanent solution. This time it’s another ligament tear. It’s very painful and I can’t walk properly. Send some positive vibes my way! I feel really sad about it. 







Kitten D’Amour Kitten A Go Go Red Collar Dress (not yet available online)
Kitten D’Amour Petite Bow Belt in Black
Kitten D’Amour LouLou Red Handbag
B.A.I.T Footwear Everline Flats in Red
Modcloth Kitten Necklace

70 thoughts on “Outfit: Cherry & Tartan

  1. Again being absent, I am sorry, but December is such a chaotic month! Your outfit speaks tons to me, cause I looove red and this bag is sooo sweet! Well, the whole outfit, shoes – so special and you always look like a fairy, no joke. I love your style, always so feminine! You always look so beautiful and unique!


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