Outfit: Florals, Pastels & Glitter

image1 (6)

Hi all! These outfit pictures are from this morning- it’s very rare that I get up early to arrange for a set before work. The lightening even looks different, with a slight haze over the photos. There’s a common theme to most of my outfits right now- pink cardigan and pink shoes paired with a pretty dress. I have a lot of pink clothes so this combination comes so easily. This is the Orchid Cardigan from Wheels and Dollbaby. I only discovered the brand rather recently after falling in love with the coveted Dita Cardigans. As it turns out I love many of the other cardigans from the brand (including the Kimono Cardigan which I styled here), but unfortunately the dresses and skirts are not really my style. The colour is amazing, I adore the print and I really love the buttons on all Wheels and Dollbaby cardigans I’ve seen. What looks like a skirt here, is actually a dress from Kitten D’Amour. It’s a dress I’ve wanted for months based on the previews. However, when it was eventually released, it was too big in the bust and too long in the bodice. It was very sad. I tried to make it work but had to walk away. A number of weeks later I still couldn’t get the dress out of my mind. I tried it on again in the hope that some magic had occurred and it’d fit differently. Unfortunately not but I decided to get it anyway and make adjustments. Until I find the time to do this, I’m wearing it more like a skirt. I’ll show you the bodice sometime as it’s amazing. The shoes are a new purchase from B.A.I.T Footwear- when I saw a sparkly pink version I knew I had to have them. It’s not every day you see sparkly shoes. I had so many comments wearing them today. I know they will continue to be comfortable as I have the ‘same pair in black also (posted here and here). Actually when I had some trouble with my ankle lately, I was in less pain wearing these kitten heels compared to flats.

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B.A.I.T Footwear Robbie Heels in Pink Sparkle
Kitten D’Amour Eloise Dress
New Look via ASOS Panelled Libby Bag
Wheels and Dollbaby Orchid Cardigan


78 thoughts on “Outfit: Florals, Pastels & Glitter

  1. Beautiful Imogen! The colours are so pretty and the design on the cardigan is just lovely. I hope you manage to get the dress styled to the way you like it eventually too – that's always frustrating when you find a piece you love but it's too big or small or just doesn't sit right! – Tasha


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