Outfit: Pink & Blue


It’s feeling a little like last Sunday- an outfit post of the Forget Me not Collection from Kitten D’Amour. I don’t usually show the exact same dress for two posts in a row but I’m wearing this dress so frequently, I have so many styling options and it’s my absolute favourite right now. Plus my blog is supposed to be a representation of where I’m currently at in life, right?! When I came up with the idea to wear a low v neck cardigan with this dress it created many opportunities. I just love how it still shows the peekaboo design and the tie neckline. I adore how the lace pastel cardigan goes with the lace pale blue. I was also lucky to find a cardigan which so closely matches the shoes in colour. I haven’t worn these shoes in well over a year and I’ve just re-discovered them- isn’t that the best! I love these shoes but I hate to say, I’d forgotten about them for awhile.  I’ll be wearing them much more now since they are on my radar again. I have the exact same cardigan in green so I’m going to try and replicate this look with that shade too. My bag is a recent purchase from ASOS. There’s a story behind these- I actually ordered it for my sister for her birthday. Since my sister now lives in London I wanted to order her gifts from a UK website to save on postage costs. I bought from a couple of different stores but there ended up being a mix up with the ASOS order. Instead of this bag being shipped to London to my sister, it ended up coming to my parent’s address which is an old address I had stored in my account. I don’t understand it as I haven’t even lived at that address for three years and I certainly didn’t select it. I’m getting my sister another one and I’m still sorting this out with ASOS. I have no idea why it happened but actually I don’t mind. I got this bag I wouldn’t have normally chosen for myself. I love it and it’s even better in person. It’s a good size and very practical. I have no idea what I’m doing in the first picture but I like the way it shows off the lace detailing. 





LOL my facial expression…



Kitten D’Amour Forget Me Not Peekaboo Dress
Wittner Flats
Alannah Hill Having Said that Cardigan in Pink
New Look via ASOS Panelled Libby Bag

81 thoughts on “Outfit: Pink & Blue

  1. The lace cardi and dress work so well together! 🙂 Looking beautiful as always.

    Sorry to hear about your mix up with the Asos order, hope you get it sorted, sometimes they can be really good when there is a problem and sometimes they can be a bit of a pain, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog


  2. You look lovely, dear Imogen! Your outfit is so sweet and romantic, I loved it! The blue skirt, the cardi, the shoes, all perfect, I would loved to wear such an outfit! The story behind the bag is incredible. Wow! But as you said, it is now yours and it's nice! You have to get another for your sister! I was absent because I was feeling sick for some weeks, but now I am OK again!


  3. Such a great pairing. From far away the peek a boo detail almost looks like a collar in some of your pics. It's great seeing you enjoying your new purchase so much! And yay for rediscovering old shoes! That happens to me quite frequently since I have a closet full of heels and always reach for my flats. :O But it's great when I rediscover some of my shoes and it's like getting new shoes!


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