Remix: Gloria Flats

It’s been forever since I created a remix post and there’s no better piece to do it on than the shoes I wear most days- my Gloria Flats by B.A.I.T Footwear which I have in both red and black. There’s never been a pair of shoes (or item of clothing) that I’ve worn more. I’ve actually re-purchased both colours as I wore them both out. I’ve never had to re-purchase a piece before. I have so many pairs of shoes but I’m always drawn to these. They are very practical as they go with everything and I keep reaching for them because they are incredibly comfortable. If I have a day which involves a lot of walking I’ll always go for these shoes. I even go bike riding in them too.  I love how adorable and beautiful they look. I initially bought the red version from Modcloth about a year and a half ago and then this year I added the black pair to my wardrobe. Kitten D’Amour also sell these shoes now but they are extremely overpriced compared to B.A.I.T Footwear and Modcloth (even with the international postage charges). These are the best shoes ever!

Which piece in your wardrobe have you worn this frequently?

37 thoughts on “Remix: Gloria Flats

  1. I have long admired Bait shoes-so pretty!! But..I have such large feet, I think I'd struggle to get my size.
    Yours are beautiful and I love all the different outfits esp the red cardie with the rainbow stripy dress.x


  2. Imogen these look so cute on you and with the many different outfits you paired them with. Next to my orange Nike's I love the cute pair of black flats that I have which has sweet bow… they are really comfy xox ♡


  3. they are pretty shoes. i can't wear closed shoes, but if i could, i would wear something like that!!!

    i have a favorite pair of capri pants, i went back to the store and bought 3 additional pair when i realized how much i loved them.


  4. They are lovely shoes, it's great to see you getting so much wear out of them. They suit your style well!

    I think my most worn shoes are either my mouse flats or my Havaianas, haha! I wear the flats a lot in cooler weather and the thongs so much in summer. I've replaced them both a couple of times.

    Away From The Blue Blog


  5. What fun and girly outfits, Imogen. I just love that last picture of you by the bicycle. You really know how to dress for any occasion. And your smile is the best accessory of all, my friend.

    love, ~Sheri


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