Outfit: Mint & White


Today I decided to incorporate white tights into an outfit for the first time. I think they can be a difficult piece to style with shoes and the general colour scheme of an outfit but I love coloured tights so much at the moment so I definitely wanted to make it work. My mum told me that white tights with a pastel coloured outfit is a very 1960s look. I wouldn’t have thought of that before but it’s so true- I love all the pictures I’m finding on the Internet of 1960s mod dresses and white tights. I have a few pastel pink dresses I’d love to try this look with but for this weekend, my pastel green dress from the new Kitten D’Amour collection was the obvious look. I tried on all the new dresses from the ‘Day Dress’ collection last week and it’s such a pretty range. There was one particular from the collection that I’ve had my eye on for a long time after seeing the previews. However, I was so disappointed when I tried it on and it didn’t fit properly- it was too big in the bust (a common issue with Kitten D’Amour dresses) and the bodice was way too low down my body. I wanted to make it work so much but I just couldn’t. However, I came away with this beautiful green dress which I liked a lot more when seeing it in the store compared with the preview pictures. It’s a sleeveless dress which will be perfect for spring/summer but I also like how I can make it work for the colder weather too. I find the most difficult aspect of styling coloured tights is the shoes but I think I found a good match for this white pair- I haven’t worn these pastel heels for ages but now I’ve brought them to the front of my wardrobe again, I’ll be wearing them a lot more in the near future. I’m really happy with the way this outfit came together. It’s interesting that so many of you commented previously and said that coloured tights were not uncommon where you live- I absolutely never see anyone else wear them here.





In other news, we decided to buy bikes this weekend! I’m so excited! Unfortunately they took awhile to construct this afternoon so we missed out on going for a ride while it was still light but I can’t wait until the first ride. It will be a fun activity to do as a couple- I’m thinking, in addition to weekends, when we get home from work once summer arrives and it’s light until after 8pm. I decided to go for this pretty red vintage style bike because it looks so cool. I adore the colour and the tan accessories. The vintage shape is just perfect- I never expected to find it. It’s from Kmart- where all the bargains are located! Since it’s such a lovely looking bike, it’ll be great to take pictures with on our bike rides for my blog.

Here she is:


First picture together

Kitten D’Amour Gigi Dress in Mint
RMK Two Tone Heels
H&M White Tights
Review Cardigan
Forever New Earrings
Kmart Holland Vintage Cruiser

54 thoughts on “Outfit: Mint & White

  1. Love the whole outfit, especially the shoes! White tights actually go surprisingly well with many different outfits and colours – it's really as versatile as black. I like to wear white tights with red skirts/dresses – really makes a “pop”! Plus you can girly them up with, say, a pleated skirt, or fancy them up with a sleek dress.


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