Current Loves

Kitten D’Amour Dolce Vita Lace Dress
The release of the new Dolce Vita collection at Kitten D’Amour has been long anticipated. I saw the previews a number of months ago and new it would have some of the most beautiful pieces ever. However, even by those standards, I never expected to love this pretty lace dress quite as much as this. I tried it one a few days ago and it was even better than it appeared in the pictures. The lace is so gorgeous, I love the black detailing and the silhouette is very flattering; I tried a petticoat underneath which added even more impact. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. I’m sure it’s worth the price but I have never spent so much on anything before. I do have a couple of more formal events coming up towards the end of the year so that would give me the excuse to spend money; you know what I am like!UntitledeKitten D’Amour Dolce Vita Dress
I never expected this dress to be one of my favourites when I went to view the new collection. However, I tried it on and it’s one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen. Wow. The deep red lace contrasting detailing is such a unique and special feature. I also love the bow detailing, the buttons and the silhouette. Again I wish it was less expensive beacause I’d love to somehow add it to my wardrobe. I hardly ever wear black so it takes something extra amazing to make me want to introduce black to my style. The only issue I had when trying on this dress was the length. It’s well below the knee and it would be difficult to hem with the quality material and tulle underskirt. I know this style of dress looks good when longer but I’m not as comfortable with that in comparison to above the knee length; it also doesn’t give me as many options or dressing it down and wearing flats. However, if money was less of an object, this would be the second Dolce Vita piece I’d buy. I wish the cutout lace feature could be present on more clothes. 


Lady Bug Spot Dress
There isn’t possibly a dress which is more my style than a polka dot dress. It’s always at the top of my wishlist no matter how many I have; it’s great that different coloured and sized dots are capable of making each piece unique. The black and white is so classic and beautiful. I love the high shine material, sweetheart neckline and tulle underskirt; there are all my favourite features of a dress. 


Review Bon Voyage Jumper
I’ve always been a fan of the nautical look so I’m always drawn to pieces of this nature. There’s also a dress at Review which is nautical inspired that I love at the moment. The stand out anchor motif is an amazing feature and the red stripes on the sleeves are a lovely touch. It’s a little more casual than what I usually wear but I like that, especially since it’s winter and there’s often nothing better than a cosy jumper. 

Pinup Girl Clothing My Little Pony Tote Bag,Pinup Girl Clothing Tote Bag,Pinup Girl Clothing Tinkerbell Bag
Pinup Girl Clothing always impresses me with the range of unique, fun and adorable bags. I seriously need this My Little Pony Bag in my life- rainbow, MLP and holographic material is just the best combination. I’ve also loved the range of Disney character totes bags from Pinup Girl Clothing for ages now; I included the Ariel and Belle versions on my wishlist a while ago.  I noticed there are a few new ones out such as Tinkerbell and Snow White. I most definitely need to get one. 

What are your favourites right now?

48 thoughts on “Current Loves

  1. I like Dolce Vita very much and I liked the first and the second dress, but the first very much! The color is so nice, the cut and the details of the hem and so on… I really really loved it! I would wear with a cardigan, I guess, because I like to have covered arms (that's why I liked the 2nd dress too :), but this dress is really a dream dress and I would love to have it!


  2. Imogen, these are pretty… I really like the polka dot dress. It's a classic print that will always be in style. This one is really cute xox ♡

    Thank you for your comment, I hope your foot heals soon… I finally took one day off from walking due to the rain… I needed to take a day though xox ♡


  3. wow, that red dress with the black lace is soooo pretty. Very feminine too. The Tinker Bell purse caught my eye. The first time I saw Tinker Bell was flying over Disneyland when I was about 6. It was a magical sight, indeed. Love your new choices on here today, Imogen.

    love, ~Sheri


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