Outfit: Paisley Print


Hi everyone! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted on my blog; three weeks must be the longest break I’ve ever had. I’ve been so busy with work as per my last post. I’m planning to make more of an effort to fit blogging into my schedule from now on like I used to. I have a number of ideas for posts including showing you recent purchases and my new favourite makeup product which I recently discovered. My top is one of these recent purchases from the Soho Collection from Kitten D’Amour. I wasn’t so sure about this collection when it was released; maybe because it’s not as colourful as my other pieces.  I decided to try on this piece regardless and surprisingly fell in love with it. I love the fitted design and the oversized collar is very beautiful. I can’t believe I overlooked this top to begin with; now I totally couldn’t deal without it in my wardrobe. There have been some pretty amazing sales recently which allowed me to acquire the other elements of my outfit. This is my first ever Victoria’s Secret bag and I was lucky enough to get it at 50% off. I love the pink colour scheme, the structured shape and the golden hardware. My shoes were another bargain as they were only $20 from Target. The skirt is from Forever New. I can never have enough skater skirts and they are often difficult to find. I didn’t realisev how much of a perfect match the top and skirt were until I tried them on together; now they seem like they could be a matching set.







Kitten D’Amour Soho Top
Target Heels
Forever New Skirt
Victoria’s Secret Pink Bag

44 thoughts on “Outfit: Paisley Print

  1. That collar is unbelievably cute!!!! You always look so well put together! I love the details of the top- it has been well thought out. Is that LILAC lipstick!? xx


  2. Hey Imogen – next Sunday make sure to drop by my place, I'm going to post something about your blog.. 🙂

    Love the outfit as always, still loving that hair.


  3. no need to apologise, it's completely understandable that we all need breaks and are busy at times! i myself have been the worst blogger for so long now, haha! anyway, your outfits are always do cute:-) i love that top and collar, and your lipstick looks incredible too! xx


  4. That top and skirt do look like they were made for each other – this almost looks like a dress! 🙂

    I like the printed sections on your top, really nice touch 🙂

    Welcome back to blogging! No harm in some breaks now and then 🙂

    Away From The Blue


  5. Welcome back girlie! I cannot believe you got those shoes for only $20. I love both stores! You look good in skater skirts. No wonder you cannot get enough of them. Happy new week love!


  6. How amazing you look, dear Imogen! I noticed the lack of posts, but then I thought you were on holidays 🙂 Anyway, I am glad you are back, I love your style! I love this skirt and the shoes so much, and the bag is also very sweet! I really hope you have a very beautiful week!


  7. welcome back to blogging! work has been so busy for me too. I hope you are still enjoying your work. love the VS bag! I didn't know they did going out bags like these. very cute outfit as always Imogen! 🙂

    Metallic Paws


  8. I know how it is when the time flies super fast because you are busy working! I had some small breaks from blogging in the spring as well, but I hated it since I love blogging so much!
    I adore your outfit- the color scheme is so on point & I love how structured your top is! And love, love, love that VS bag and how cool that you had a great bargain fpr -50%? 🙂



  9. Imogen, welcome back! That's such a cute outfit, and I love those shoes! They're so stylish, and I really like the design. It sounds like you've had a busy life lately. The girls are traveling right now, and when they get back, I'll share some pics of their adventures.

    Enjoy the week, Imogen.

    love, ~Sheri


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