Outfit: Red Coat


Hi everyone. Today I’d like to show you my current favourite piece in my wardrobe, my new coat from Kitten D’Amour. I loved this coat from the moment I saw it but I wasn’t sure if I could justify purchasing it since it was rather pricey and I already have so many coats. But with the 20% off sale, and given that I couldn’t get the coat out of my mind, I decided to add it to my collection. I certainly have a need for coats since I leave early for work and live far away. This coat has the added benefit of being much longer than my others so it will be nice and warm (although I do wish it was ever so slightly shorter). I love the faux fur collar. I don’t like an excess of fur like with many of the other Kitten D”Amour coats but this one is just the right amount. This coat is very nice and fitted and I love the silhouette but I’m surprised but how much of a small make it is. I can’t wait to wear this to and from work tomorrow. What are your most recent purchases?







Kitten D’Amour ‘D’Amour Gathered Wait Coat in Red 

46 thoughts on “Outfit: Red Coat

  1. Why hello Red Riding Hood, you are looking very lovely in your new cost. That is very pretty. Wish I'd waited ONE WEEK to buy my new rain coat as it is now 40% off in the sale!!!!x


  2. I really really loved this coat, cause I love this kind of cut and the color, red! The fur collar is also very sweet and I like the length, not shorter – I loved the coat and I think you look gorgeous! I also loooved the shoes, everything in red is beautiful 🙂


  3. Imogen the coat is pretty.. it's a great color on you… I love the fit too… it's wonderful for your petite figure xox … I hope you are doing well, I've been thinking about you ♡


  4. Hello Imogen,
    I love this red coat with the white fur. It looks fabulous on you! The red coat and your red hair oooo laaalaaa. I've been busy lately and just wanted to say hello. Guess what? Jess is engaged! Her boyfriend asked her to marry him this weekend, and she's so happy. Wanted to share the good news with you, and you are such a special blog friend to me.

    love, ~Sheri


  5. I totally understand. I have a weakness for outerwears, coats, jackets, name it. Your red coat is delayed and stylish. I really like the fit on the waistline. Beautiful!



  6. That is such a lovely colour! It looks like it will keep you very cosy on your commute too! 🙂

    I'm the same, it's so hard in winter to get up before the sun is up and face the cold world to travel into the city, haha. A nice cosy coat helps! 🙂

    Away From The Blue


  7. The coat is fairy tale-like! And the bottom part is perfect for all your full skirts and dresses, it can be such a hard task to fit them under normal coats.


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