Review: Sugar Plum Aprons

Today I have another two beautiful designs to show you from Sugar Plum Aprons. After the fun of creating last week’s post it was great to get the chance to do it all again. Both designs are as adorable and stunning as the last two; it’s impossible to choose a favourite. It was lucky I had a cupcake dress to pair under the Cupcake Cutie apron as matching is always fun! Sugar Plum Aprons are having a sale at the moment with 25-50% off so there’s no better time to head over to the online store and choose out a beauty for yourself.

Sugar Plum Aprons- Party Animal!







Sugar Plum Aprons- Cupcake Cutie!







Check out Sugar Plum Aprons here.

43 thoughts on “Review: Sugar Plum Aprons

  1. That first apron reminds me very much of Alice IN Wonderland so if you do decide to do those Disney style posts…
    I am particularly loving your planet plates!!x


  2. I love aprons, I told you, and the first one is so sweet, in white and blue, with the matching shoes! You look so beautiful and lovely! I also love the second one, with the cupcake, and the plates are very nice! The sewing basket is also so sweet (I love this kind of box!) You always look so chic and gorgeous, even with aprons (well, they are chic too!)


  3. Imogen, the aprons are adorable and they look so cute on you… my favorite one is the sweet pink one with the cupcake… I love how these aprons protect your whole dress… xox ❤


  4. You look like the most cute housewife ever:) The dress and even the teapot, everything is so lovely and original:) You always manage to find the most girly and interesting stuff, which correspond your personal style perfectly well:)
    I've changed my hair color too, welcome changes:)
    have a good day!


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