Review: Sugar Plum Aprons

Today I’d like to introduce you all to Sugar Plum Aprons, the prettiest and most incredible aprons ever. I love the adorable and vintage inspired designs, the detailing of bows, frills and ruffles, the excellent quality and the flattering silhouette. The designs add a whole new dimension to the concept of aprons; I just love how each piece resembles a beautiful dress and can easily form part of an outfit. My favourite is the Snow White inspired apron; such a sweet and creative idea. It reminds me of the Snow White inspired outfit I posted on my blog a couple of years ago here. There are so many uses for these lovely aprons including events such as dinner parties, birthday parties, kitchen teas and engagement parties. It makes me wish I’d had a Super Plum Apron when I had my kitchen tea a few years ago. There is also a children’s range so women and children can buy matching sets, how adorable is that! This weekend I had so much fun getting out some kitchen equipment and taking these pictures.

Check out the online store for Sugar Plum Aprons here.Β 

Sugar Plums Aprons- Snow White!







Sugar Plum Aprons- So Frenchy, So Chic!







Check back here later in the week to see my pictures of two more amazing designs.

43 thoughts on “Review: Sugar Plum Aprons

  1. These are brilliant!!! I like the idea of wearing aprons like these. I have a white lacy one from Bruges I plan to wear as Alice when it is World Book Day again.x


  2. Imogen… I could tell the first one was Snow White inspired by the colors and style… I really adore the black and white one, I love how feminine it is… it is so pretty on you … xox

    I hope you are doing well and things are going better for you xox


  3. As you probably already knew, I LOVE frills, ribbons, bows, ruffles and lace, so it's not surprising that I love the look of these outfit pieces from Sugar Plum Aprons. The lace yoke and sleeves of the red top in the first outfit and the flare of the skirt are fabulous. I love the lacy top with cap sleeves, and the bow, and white bordered tiered detail of the dress in the second outfit as well as the black petti. Sugar Plum Aprons looks like a wonderful place to go looking for wonderfully feminine outfits!


  4. They are aprons! Almost unbelievable, I thought they were dresses! I love aprons, I have a picture with one, too (cause I only have one!) It's definitely Snow White and I loved it! To get some kitchen things was brilliant! I loved the first one, like Sow White, but I really loved the second one, in black and white with some stripes – really lovely and the shoes, wow! You look gorgeous!


  5. I really like the black and white one, it makes me want to have such a cute apron as well! Great inspiration not to look like a slob when cooking, now I'll pay more attention how I look when I'm in the kitchen. πŸ™‚


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