Outfit: Rainbow Dots

 photo P1170250_zpsnrmsipua.jpg

As I mentioned in my post here, I had the best weekend ever when my sister came to stay over recently. I wished it didn’t end so quickly. Well…the good news is that we enjoyed that weekend so much that we decided to do it again on the weekend that just passed. I was so happy when I found out! We went shopping again, enjoyed some drinks and watched Netflix! Two weekends in a row was amazing. I wouldn’t have coped so well with my husband being away for the past couple of weeks if I didn’t have these fun weekends with my sister. My husband will be back next Sunday morning. I was worried about being lonely while he was away but so far I’ve been incredibly busy and haven’t had a spare moment to feel lonely. It was also Mother’s Day yesterday. I had a lovely time with the family including my kitty cat Juliette Princess Miracle. We made sushi which turned out well and had the tastiest lunch ever with all our favourites.

This is one of my favourite skirts ever; I don’t see too many skirts like this. The rainbow and polka dot design is totally my style. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and I posted it on my blog previously here. It’s extremely fun because it can obviously be paired with pretty much any colour top. I could make so many outfits involving this piece. The cardigan is also a favourite as the lace is very pretty and the piece is versatile. I also have the blue version of this cardigan and I was able to acquire it for 75% off the original retail price. What a great find. I’ve been getting a lot of use from my umbrella which I received for my birthday (video here) in the last month as the weather has been crazy and much more rainy than usual. It’s much more elegant than most umbrellas and really forms part of an outfit. It’s also great quality; in the wild weather in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, everyone else’s umbrellas were turning inside out and mine stood the test of the weather and remained perfectly in shape- always a bonus. The ba g is my namesake piece; I bought it because it is called the ‘Imogen Bag.’

 photo P1170262_zpsrgiw5bey.jpg

 photo P1170243_zpsbk7fspcl.jpg

 photo P1170251_zpsv3smvnmr.jpg

 photo P1170257_zpsrjbm1sre.jpg

 photo P1170264_zpshj07ztgs.jpg

 photo P1170245_zpsdkomaxg6.jpg

Forever New Imogen Scalloped Small Bag
Dangerfield Rainbow Polka Dot Skirt
Alannah Hill Lace Cardigan
Forever New Daisy Print Flats
Umbrella via Kitten D’Amour

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