Outfit: Rainbow Stripes


I had the best weekend with my sister and I wish it could have lasted for more than two days. We had the most fun time shopping and bought so many little pieces between the two of us. We went to my local shopping centre but I enjoyed it much more than usual because my sister took me to many shops that I wouldn’t normally visit. Also, when I go shopping by myself I tend to send all my money on one item as my taste has become increasingly expensive over the years. This means that solo shopping trips are over quickly and have become quite boring. However, yesterday we spent the whole afternoon at the shops and I purchased many inexpensive items. This gave me the satisfaction of coming away with many new bits and pieces which is of course more exciting than just one. I don’t have many friends or opportunities like yesterday so it really was amazing. It took my mind off my husband and his family being away as I know I’ll struggle with that when I’m less busy. On Saturday night, instead of going out and enjoying a few drinks as usual, we decided to stay in and dye our hair.







 Forever New Single Breasted Coat
Dangerfield Skater Skirt
Guess Neoden in Floral
Modcloth Charter School Cardigan in Rainbow Stripes

My hair is no longer brown. I’ve dyed it red. I’ve wanted to dye my hair red from a few months now. I’ve fallen in love with the vibrant pink and purple hair colours that seem to be in style at the moment but don’t want to get into bleaching my hair so red seemed like a good alternative option. The only thing holding me back for many months was the fact that I actually like my natural hair colour very much. I used to dye my hair black for many years when I was a teenager and I eventually decided I wanted my natural colour back. I then realised I liked it and haven’t dyed my hair in seven years. In many ways I’m sad to see it go. However, hair is supposed to be fun and it’s great that we can experiment without it being as permanent solution as it will grow back. It was time for a change and, since I’m not willing to change my hair style, it had to be a change in terms of my hair colour. I would have liked the red to have been even brighter. However, I know that is not realistic. My hair is natural dark and to get it as vibrant as I ideally desire, I would have had to bleach it which I don’t want to get into. Given the circumstances, I’m surprise it didn’t turn out less bright. Here is a previous, I know not everyone likes it…Kind of scary to turn up to work for the first time with this hair…


More of this outfit later…

77 thoughts on “Outfit: Rainbow Stripes

  1. Yaiy for taking the plunge and coloring your hair in such a bold and vibrant color! U think that it looks very good on you & I cannot wait to see more pictures! 🙂
    And speaking of your outfit, I really love the colors you used, green is my all time favorite color! You rocked the cardigan together with that skirt! 🙂


  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful and fun time with your sister! Shopping is always more fun when you're shopping with someone else I find, more opinions and like you said you might visit stores you wouldn't normally.

    Your red hair looks awesome, how cool that you decided to just go for it and change it up a little! Like you said, it isn't permanent so it's good to have some fun now and then.

    I bet everyone at work loves your new hair colour too! 🙂

    Away From The Blue


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