Tiffany Blue

Hi everyone. Today’s post is about my love for all things Tiffany blue. I’ve always adored the colour since it’s so classy, beautiful, soft and delicate. I’ve come to love it even more in the last few months ever since I purchased my first ever piece from Tiffany & Co. I notice the shade more these days. I wish there was more of this colour around; there are a number of variations of the colour which could almost pass as Tiffany blue as you can tell from this post. I especially love shoes and bags in this colour. I almost wish I had it as the colour scheme for my wedding.  For this post I have compiled a few of my favourites, it’s a wishlist in Tiffany blue (although I’m somewhat hesitant to call it a wishlist given that a Chanel bag and Manolo Blahnik shoes are hardly attainable to me!) Are you a fan of the colour?

Manolo Blahnik Satin Crystal Pumps
I’ve adored these shoes ever since I saw the sapphire blue pair in the Sex and the City movie. They are so gorgeous, beautiful and perfect. They are very amazing in every single colour but this colour (along with the pink version) is definitely my favourite. Of course they are brighter than Tiffany blue but I just had to include them in this post. These shoes would look pretty with so many outfits; I love the way they’d stand out. Who wants to buy them for me? It’s so sad that it’s unlikely for me to ever own such expensive shoes.

Chanel Tiffany Blue Classic Bag
WOW. Could there possibly be a better bag than this? This is the ultimate and my dream bag. The classic Chanel design is perfect with the feminine Tiffany blue. Like I said with the shoes, I of course love this design in every colour but pink or pale blue are my absolute favourites. To own a real Chanel bag is pretty much my life time goal when it comes to fashion. I don’t know how and it certainly won’t be for a very long time, but I have to believe that one day it is possible.

Tiffany Blue Macaroons
Macaroons have been a favourite of mine for years now. Not only are they incredibly delicious, they are also so adorable and sweet (sweet in both taste and appearance). I wish I could have macaroons every single day and I often see them in pale blue.  On another note, I’m starting to see macaroons make their way into fashion, in the form of jewellery and accessories. I really want a macaroons printed dress and a top with a huge macaroon on the front.

Alannah Hill ‘The Pope Ate Soap’ Cardigan
As a slight variation on Tiffany blue, I love how Alannah Hill often uses this duck egg blue shade. I have a few pieces in the colour but not this particular cardigan. I love the combination of pale blue and bows, its like they were made to go together.

Tiffany Blue Cocktail Dress (Unknown Brand)
I’m not too sure where this dress is from as I saw it on Pinterest. It’s so pretty, especially with the sequins, and it almost reminds me of a mermaid. I love the dreamy vibe and the flowing design. I just love strapless dresses; I adore them so much that I try and make them work for every day instead of just cocktail style events. This dress inspires me to wear an entirely pale blue outfit- dress, shoes, bag, accessories- everything!


Tiffany Blue Lace Pillow
There are so many Tiffany blue wedding ideas out there and that’s how I came across this pillow. It combines so many of my favourite aspects- a pretty shade, sequins, bows and lace. I have to track this down and buy it for the house!  It’s the perfect pillow- so pretty and stunning.


Forever New Louisa Small Bag
This is a slightly more attainable bag than the other above. I love the bags at Forever New especially at the moment. They have some really adorable small purse style bags and I want to buy them all! (On another note I was in Forever New on the weekend and a sweet little lemon bag was called the Imogen bag). Also, tweed is one of my favourite materials ever. I always wish I had more clothes and accessories that were a tweed design. The oversized bow adds a lot and it’s such a beautiful combination.

Tiffany Blue Nails
I have most nail polish shades in my collection but nothing like this (totally need to change that). It’s the perfect way to introduce Tiffany blue into one’s life. The addition of the silver detailing is perfect.
If anyone knows of a nail polish in this colour then please let me know.It must be my mission to track it down.


What are your favourite pieces in Tiffany blue?

86 thoughts on “Tiffany Blue

  1. Imogen,
    I can't tell you which picture was my favorite of the Tiffany Blue because I love them all! Those nails – they are dazzling! This really is such a pretty color, isn't it? That dress is gorgeous too.

    Have a fun week, my friend.

    love, ~Sheri


  2. Each of those items absolutely in your style, I have no doubt that you would look great in those pieces:) This shade of blue is so soft, delicate, yet expressive.
    Such a great post turned out, I enjoyed it very much!


  3. I love this shade of blue as well, and I would wear most of the items from your wishlist myself. 🙂

    BTW, the macaron accessories can be made at home with various DIY kits, they have tons of them in Japan. You can check them online, then you would be able to make the accessories exactly the way you want to. I bought a set of macaron-making DIY supplies for 5 USD at Daiso.


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