Outfit: Blue Florals


This is my new dress from the ‘Holly Heatwave’ Collection at Kitten D’Amour. I was looking forward to the arrival of the collection given that it’s so excessively floral, fun and bright; I love the contrasting flower designs. Overall the collection runs large and this was the only dress which fitted me (luckily it was my preferred design anyway). I liked this dress because of the sleeveless design and the cross over straps. I adore dresses with interesting backs and there aren’t too many designs like this. I had a dress a few years ago with similar cross over straps and my ‘Holly Heatwave’ dress reminds me of it. This dress is much longer than all of my others and I would like to take up the hem. I hope I will get around to it; I have been wearing it anyway because I love the dress and don’t want to wait. I really like the belt which is also from Kitten D’Amour. It makes me want to buy a couple of other similar belts from the store but in different colours, as they add so much to the look. I am way too obsessed with Kitten D’Amour right now. It’s becoming the only store I buy clothes from recently which isn’t great given that it is rather expensive. I am constantly checking out the website and awaiting the new stock. Next month I am going to stop spending; I can delay my spending ban which was supposed to start at the beginning of the year, by two months, right? I joined a few facebook groups recently for Kitten D’Amour fans and it’s really fun to chat with people and exchange thoughts on collections both past and present. Kitten D’Amour should seriously give me free clothes after all the publicity I provide for them. Β 







Kitten D’Amour Holly Heatwave Bustier Dress
Guess Delaney Classic Tote in Polka Dot
Kitten D’Amour Bow Belt
Wittner Queen Heels

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85 thoughts on “Outfit: Blue Florals

  1. Oh, this dress is lovely and you look gorgeous, as usual! I also like dresses with interesting backs and this one is so sweet, the color, the print! I think yes, you should get a free dress after all the advertisement!!! I hope they send one to you!


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