2014: A Year in Review

Hi everyone, happy 2015. It’s that time of year again where we all seem to write about our goals for the year and reflect on 2014. I usually write a lot about this annually on my blog but this time is different. 2014 was without a doubt the worst year of my life and I struggled beyond what I could put into words. I just don’t even want to think about it or I’ll cry. While I want this year to be completely different, I know that change doesn’t happen overnight so the beginning of the year isn’t particularly important to me. Rather than rambling on, about the positives and negatives of the year, I’ll just leave you with a short post of just a few simple plans for 2015.

I found this quote while following up a story that I watched on Dr Phil (yes, I am the biggest fan). I really connected with it so I wanted to share it here.

Start a Youtube Channel
– Ever since the middle of last year I’ve become interested in youtube; it’s great for when I feel alone or bored because it’s almost like being with friends. I follow a couple of the big youtubers, although definitely not all of them. My absolute favourite youtube channel is Mammaful Zo. She’s so genuine and kind; I’m so excited every time she uploads a new video. I’ve wanted to join in the fun for a number of months now but still feel a little shy and inexperienced. But I think I’m close to doing it. I need to learn some basics. Do I need video editing software? What can I film videos with? Does anyone know? Any youtubers out there?

Feel Less Depressed– this is a big one and much more complicated than you could possibly imagine. I’ve tried just about everything over the years so I don’t hold out much hope, but I wish more than anything it could happen.

Exercise– I’d like to get back into running very soon. I tried to a few months ago but had to give it up again because I couldn’t stand the constant injuries; I’ll take it more gradually this time.  I love the fulfillment and achievement that comes from sport. When I was a child my whole life was sport for so many years and, all these years later, I’ve never replicated that feeling from anything else. Exercise is obviously supposed to have numerous additional benefits so I hope it will improve my lifestyle.

Blogging– I’d love to reach at least 1 000 followers on GFC this year. I’ve been blogging for ages now and I’m still not there yet. Of course blogging isn’t just about numbers so I hope I can improve the variety of my posts and further develop friendships.

Save More Money– Last year my spending was out of control. Each year, when I say I’ll save more, the spending gets worse and worse. But I truly believe this will be the year. I’ve had my fun and I’m over the spending. Last year proved that additional spending doesn’t actually make me any happier. Maybe seeing my savings grow will make me feel more motivated towards life.

Life Outside Work– Last year, particularly towards the end, my life was completely about work. I can barely recall a single experience I had outside of work. I didn’t mind at the time because there wasn’t much else to rush home for, but I really don’t want another year that boring.  I’m tired of working the longest hours because I have absolutely nothing else to do and I’m so over spending the weekends alone in bed. This isn’t the fault of my job, I like the people there, I just want to create a life worth living outside of the office.

Here is an overview of my outfits from 2014.


What are your plans for the year?

103 thoughts on “2014: A Year in Review

  1. I hope you will be able to achieve your goals!
    Even though you say you have tried everything, there must be new treatments being discovered too, so hopefully you will find something that can help. 🙂
    Good luck to yout youtube channel, I think you can make do with simple and free software in the beginning, just for very easy editing.


  2. I wish you well with your goals. Use! I'm a Youtuber I don't make videos for now and I deleted mine but youtube is a community of friends. I see all youtubers as people i can relate to. People like superwoman, zoella, shelly b eniang, lilyofnigeria, Clifford owusu, anna Akana, and jacksgap. They're so many! Have you ever tried praying to God when depressed? It helps. There's this peace that flows through your heart. You don't need to start all prayer warrior. Just get an empty chair, Welcome the Holy Spirit to your room and start talking. Don't keep anything back. Tell God everything. You can Google bible verses for how you feel and read them. 2013 was a terrible year in my life and I almost committed suicide due to depression. My grades were terrible upon my effort at school. But God saved me early last year. He promised to never fail or leave me. He'll do the same for you. I love you, keep rocking. Ps I'm a final year Law student.



  3. OH MY GOSH, I could spend ALL DAYYYY looking at your outfits!!! I love that you wear hose with everything and you look especially great in your various heels with ankle straps! *jaw dropping* So great! 🙂


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