Outfit: White Lace & Orange


It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted this dress on my blog before; it’s had many adventures with me and is certainly one of the best. Orange is a colour Ive come to love in recent times despite it being the one colour I’d never wear for years. I now have two orange dresses in my collection; the other one is the polka dot dress which I posted here. The white floral lace detailing was a good way to balance out the orange given that it was my first orange piece in many years. As you can see, my emerald glitter heels are making an appearance again; they are more versatile than one might initially think. I’m going to make them make with as many outfits as possible. The glitter sparkly hair bow was purchased from a little store near where I work. I go there so often that I’m on pretty familiar terms with the couple that work there. I have a bit of a love for Babushka Dolls and have gone back for four sets now. I always say it’s lucky there aren’t many good shops where I work or my spending could get me into a lot of trouble. The Forever New bag is a recent purchase from the sales. It’s a truly amazing bag and even has leopard print lining. It’s also really functional because the storage component at the front is also replicated at the back. It’s also a very stylish and beautiful bag.

I fear you’re all going to hate me after this post but I truly dislike Christmas. For many years I haven’t been a big fan and thought it was overrated. But these days I hate it even more because it reminds me of all the aspects of my life that I miss and that makes me sad. Like when I was a child when the family was much closer and before I knew what being depressed felt like. I miss the family that are no longer with us that used to make that time of year so special. I just miss feeling happy. On another note, this year I lost one of my greatest support networks in my life. I would say it’s their fault, they would say it’s mine but the details aren’t relevant for now. It hurts to no longer have a relationship with what used to be such a huge part of my life. This has absolutely destroyed me and made me feel more worthless than ever before. There’s a significant part of my heart which breaks every single day. I fear Christmas and the holidays will just be a painful reminder of that. This isn’t to say I have no one in my life because that certainly isn’t true. I’m sure there are people in much worse situations that make the best of it. But I am never able to as the feelings of negativity get me every single time.







Mimco Red Carpet 101 Pumps in Peacock Green Glitter
Review Dress
Forever New Black and Gold Bag
Glitter Hair Bow

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94 thoughts on “Outfit: White Lace & Orange

  1. I'm sorry to hear you're dreading this time of year! I went through a really bad breakup a few years ago, and blogging was the thing that got me out of the bed in the morning. It was the only reason I showered or wore nice clothes. Keep blogging, because you have an awesome network of people here!


  2. aww Imogen I don't know what happened, but I hope next year will be better for you and keep the good relationships you have now and building more in the future. Don't worry I 'm not really a big fan of Christmas either but kind of in a different way- Christmas never had happy memories for me so I don't really have any reason to enjoy it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday anyway and enjoy the break. This dress is really beautiful on you- I love the lace overlay on the top part of the dress. hope you're having a great week so far! 🙂

    Metallic Paws


  3. I'm feeling similarly re Christmas but for a different reason.

    I do not have a single person around me who likes Christmas. I want to love it and enjoy it, but these people depress me about it so much, the last 3 Christmasses I have worked 8 hour days on Christmas Day so my workmates who do have people who love Christmas could enjoy it without having to work.

    Plus, it was over $50 an hour public holiday pay so that was an awesome side benefit.

    I would just once like to have a Christmas where people enjoy themselves instead of treat it like a chore.

    We were at the shops today and I have officially decided that The Other Half cannot go shopping with me again until Christmas is over, otherwise there is every chance I will pick up a nearby, beautifully decorated Christmas tree, and whack him with it until he agrees to put a smile back on his face, or alternatively I might wrap him in Christmas lights while screaming Cheer the ffffff up!

    So, the sooner it is over, the less chance of me deading people with Christmas items. 🙂


  4. Hello again, here I am again back to the blogosphere, just don't know for how long 🙂 I always say it's for good, and then I travel again for months, which makes blogging and commenting difficult! But let me say you look lovely as usual and I am glad to see you again! Orange is not a color that I can say I have many pieces, but on you it looks great! And the shoes, wow! I feel the same as you about Christmas… and I am sorry someone left your life… it happens, unfortunately… yes, I used to be happy, but my parents passed away within a couple of months a few years ago – so we just came from one horrendous moment and in a few weeks had another again. Then Christmas ended for me 😦 I hope you are fine and that you think of 2015 – it will soon came and we wll have many months before the next Christmas! Denisesplanet.com


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