Outfit: Alice in Wonderland


My ace of hearts bag which I received courtesy of OASAP is currently my favorite bag. I’ve read on a number of blogs recently, to the frustration of many, about the tendency of bloggers to positively review items which they received for free often to the point where reviews can no longer be relied upon. However, I can assure you this is not the situation here. Even though I did receive this clutch bag from OASAP, it’s so amazing that I’d definitely recommend purchasing it and I even want to get it in black. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but it’s slightly larger than most; when I opened the package I immediately commented on the more practical size. While all clutch bags are still relatively small, this one can at least fit my makeup, money and phone. It’s very refreshing since there are way too many clutch bags around that can’t even fit a phone. Also, how adorable is the design? It’s so sweet and beautiful. It feels like I’m just carrying around one big playing card all day.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired
Is it just me or is this outfit a little Alice in Wonderland inspired? Both the ace of hearts bag and the Picnic in Paris dress remind me Alice. This dress is the newest addition to my collection and is from Kitten D’Amour. As I mentioned in my post here I just love the silhouette of the Kitten D’Amour dresses; the full skirt and fully lined netted underlay is difficult to replicate elsewhere. But Kitten D’Amour dresses are so expensive and I can’t afford more of them so I really want to think of alternatives. I wish I’d known about this design when I had the opportunity for clothes to be custom made in Hong Kong. Then I could have sent this dress over and had it replicated. I also love the combination of patterns in this dress; the touch of polka dots is perfect against the dominant cherry/daisy print. Also if you look carefully, the blue section in the bodice is a small check print. The one issue I worry about with Kitten D’Amour is seeing someone else in the same dress. It hasn’t happened yet but a few people have recognised where it’s from. Although each piece is made in limited quantity at Kitten D’Amour, the fact that it’s an Australian brand with a very specific style, makes it an obvious choice if one is in the market for the particular dresses it offers. What is your favourite outfit to wear at the moment?

The most frequent question I get asked on my blog (and the question often arises outside the blogging world too) is about my hair. I feel like I’m always needing to justify the fact that I have it in the same style every single day. The reason is because my hair is extremely thin and I don’t have a lot of it. It’s also the most awful texture; not straight and not curly, it’s so random it just does it’s own thing. My current hairstyle makes it look like I have much more hair than I actually do and makes me feel much better about myself. Before I discovered my current hairstyle I always felt my hair was letting down the rest of my appearance. The previous style in had (you may remember I had my hair cut into a bob in the earlier days of my blog) required too much maintenance since I had to straighten it every single day. In the end my hair couldn’t take it and became so destroyed from the heat. It also took too long- there is no way I have time to straighten my hair every morning before work as I am always in such a rush. The stress of wearing my hair down isn’t worth it and it makes me feel really self conscious. On average I’d probably wear my hair down once or twice a year (this is often for Melbourne Cup or if I go to the races and I’m wearing a flower crown and feel like there’s already too much sticking off the top of my head to also justify a high bun). But no you probably will never see me with my hair down. To be honest I can’t understand the judgement I get around my hair. If having the same hairstyle each day makes me feel better about myself then I believe it’s worth it. For all of you who want to know how to do this style, I will hopefully write a post about it soon. I hope that answers your questions







Kitten D’Amour Picnic in Paris Dress
Poker Heart Clutch Bag c/o OASAP
Wittner Layne Heels

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99 thoughts on “Outfit: Alice in Wonderland

  1. You definitely look like Alice from Wonderland in this outfit- it is such a cute reference! 🙂
    I know what you mean about the fact that sometimes people feel obligated to write a good review of a product they receive for free ( for a blog post). But I believe that a writer always needs to be 100% honest with it's readers, otherwise it might backfire!
    Anyways, the clutch you received definitely seems amazing and is a great statement piece to any outfit!



  2. ahh, it's been so long since i last visited your blog! you look so lovely, and very alice in wonderland-y:-) that bag is adorable! and you shouldn't have to justify the way you wear your hair at all. it looks lovely on you, so why change it! and i don't think it always even looks the same with all your different pretty bows and what not! 🙂 xx


  3. I never really paid much attention to the fact that your hair was the same all the time. I mean, your outfit stand out the most to me, but hey..that what I'm looking at lol.

    You look lovely, and the dress does seem Alice and Wonderlandish (not a word lol). Plus the additon of the purse nail it. As always…cute dress 🙂

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram


  4. one can really see the alice in wonderland theme. very flirty and romantic – love the look!
    i would like to stay in touch – do you want to follow each other via GFC, bloglovin, FB and instagram?
    it would be so great!



  5. That bag is delightful. I feel more inclined to trust reviews of free things when the item seems like it is in the bloggers personal style, just like your bag is. I can totally see you getting this on your own.


  6. I love that bag! It is so cute and fantastic! It looks like it would fit in so perfectly with the new Kate Spade Las Vegas line! You dress is so fabulous with the bag too! I think you hair style suits you perfectly! The bun is so cute. I too have quite thin hair and it is hard to find a style that works.



  7. I have to admit I always wonder about reviews, especially the fashion kind. They always rave about the product don't they. Then again I may be guilty of this myself (hence why I've withdrawn from those kind of posts lately) since I feel like you have to be positive about a freebie or try to find the good in something. Which is terrible isn't it. Anyhoo that clutch is really cute. I just spotted a Kate Spade yesterday like this and was kinda swooning. Though completely impractical for me to use, still I want it. And I'd never connect the Alice in Wonderland theme to it (stupid, I know) I immediately think of Vegas and flashy neons when I see the playing card design!

    BTW wear your hair however you want. I think it looks lovely in a bun on you and I hate that you feel the need to justify this to anyone. We all have our signature do's and most fashuuuun bloggers style it down anyway. How is that any different to yours?


  8. Aaaw cute as a button as usual! I can see why this ckutch is your new favourite! It would easily be my favourite too as I'm a sucker for anything Alice in Wonderland themed! ❤ The dress is so pretty too!


  9. That is a very cute clutch! And I like that dress on you too! even if you do see someone else wearing the same dress, they might style it a different way from you? You;ll still look great in the dress no matter how many other people you'll see in it! 🙂

    Very cute clutch as well, it does pair nicely with the dress.

    And your hair is beautiful – you wear it however you like! 🙂 Don't let other comments get you down – no matter who they come from. The important thing is what makes you happy, and if wearing your hair like that makes you happy, keep doing it! It really suits you too IMHO, you picked a great style! 🙂

    Away From The Blue


  10. Beautiful bag Imogen, I'm definitely a little bit (a lot) in love with it! Most definitely, I can feel the Alice In Wonderland vibes going on and they are gorgeous <3

    I'm so sorry you've had such ridiculous remarks from people regarding your hair, why the hell does it even concern them? I wonder what's wrong with people sometimes! Don't ever feel you need to justify yourself to anyone, you do whatever you want, they have no right to question or make tactless comments or remarks. They don't even deserve a moment of your time! Personally I think your hair always looks beautiful, it's such a unique, pretty style that is so “you”, you wouldn't be Imogen without it! I'm the same with my hair, only the other way round to you, I don't feel comfortable wearing it up so very, very rarely do.

    Stay strong, stay you!

    Sophie | soinspo xo


  11. This whole outfit is just gorgeous, Imogen, and it suits you down to the ground! I love your hairstyle – it's cute and chic and I often wear my hair in a similar style each day too because of the same reasons as you mentioned in your post! Once you find something you love, who cares if you don't change it, it's your style 🙂 – Tasha xxx


  12. I love the Alice in Wonderland feel of the outfit and the bag is truly gorgeous, I really want to get a clutch bag in a funky design that makes the bag look like something else too…

    Haha, I pretty much thought that was the reason for your hairstyle, because it's exactly the same for me! Especially when using the extremely user-friendly wire/sponge bun-making tools from China, my hair looks much thicker than if I tie it up just as it is. Sometimes I also roll almost dry hair on sponge curlers and sleep with them, then I get a lot of volume a even curls the next day. 🙂
    I also think the bun goes really well with your general style, you shouldn't feel pressured to change it, it looks neat and matches you, i's not like you need to have 365 hairstyles a year…


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