Outfit: Alice in Wonderland


My ace of hearts bag which I received courtesy of OASAP is currently my favorite bag. I’ve read on a number of blogs recently, to the frustration of many, about the tendency of bloggers to positively review items which they received for free often to the point where reviews can no longer be relied upon. However, I can assure you this is not the situation here. Even though I did receive this clutch bag from OASAP, it’s so amazing that I’d definitely recommend purchasing it and I even want to get it in black. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but it’s slightly larger than most; when I opened the package I immediately commented on the more practical size. While all clutch bags are still relatively small, this one can at least fit my makeup, money and phone. It’s very refreshing since there are way too many clutch bags around that can’t even fit a phone. Also, how adorable is the design? It’s so sweet and beautiful. It feels like I’m just carrying around one big playing card all day.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired
Is it just me or is this outfit a little Alice in Wonderland inspired? Both the ace of hearts bag and the Picnic in Paris dress remind me Alice. This dress is the newest addition to my collection and is from Kitten D’Amour. As I mentioned in my post here I just love the silhouette of the Kitten D’Amour dresses; the full skirt and fully lined netted underlay is difficult to replicate elsewhere. But Kitten D’Amour dresses are so expensive and I can’t afford more of them so I really want to think of alternatives. I wish I’d known about this design when I had the opportunity for clothes to be custom made in Hong Kong. Then I could have sent this dress over and had it replicated. I also love the combination of patterns in this dress; the touch of polka dots is perfect against the dominant cherry/daisy print. Also if you look carefully, the blue section in the bodice is a small check print. The one issue I worry about with Kitten D’Amour is seeing someone else in the same dress. It hasn’t happened yet but a few people have recognised where it’s from. Although each piece is made in limited quantity at Kitten D’Amour, the fact that it’s an Australian brand with a very specific style, makes it an obvious choice if one is in the market for the particular dresses it offers. What is your favourite outfit to wear at the moment?

The most frequent question I get asked on my blog (and the question often arises outside the blogging world too) is about my hair. I feel like I’m always needing to justify the fact that I have it in the same style every single day. The reason is because my hair is extremely thin and I don’t have a lot of it. It’s also the most awful texture; not straight and not curly, it’s so random it just does it’s own thing. My current hairstyle makes it look like I have much more hair than I actually do and makes me feel much better about myself. Before I discovered my current hairstyle I always felt my hair was letting down the rest of my appearance. The previous style in had (you may remember I had my hair cut into a bob in the earlier days of my blog) required too much maintenance since I had to straighten it every single day. In the end my hair couldn’t take it and became so destroyed from the heat. It also took too long- there is no way I have time to straighten my hair every morning before work as I am always in such a rush. The stress of wearing my hair down isn’t worth it and it makes me feel really self conscious. On average I’d probably wear my hair down once or twice a year (this is often for Melbourne Cup or if I go to the races and I’m wearing a flower crown and feel like there’s already too much sticking off the top of my head to also justify a high bun). But no you probably will never see me with my hair down. To be honest I can’t understand the judgement I get around my hair. If having the same hairstyle each day makes me feel better about myself then I believe it’s worth it. For all of you who want to know how to do this style, I will hopefully write a post about it soon. I hope that answers your questions







Kitten D’Amour Picnic in Paris Dress
Poker Heart Clutch Bag c/o OASAP
Wittner Layne Heels

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99 thoughts on “Outfit: Alice in Wonderland

  1. I wish I could do such a neat style with my hair. I'm just terrible at doing it so I just wear it down or in a pony and dint have time to do it .

    Your kitten d'more dresses are just delightful! X


  2. Hello Imogen. Yes the dress does look like ALice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, I'm unable to load all your photos. I refreshed a few times to no avail. I understand how frustrating it is about not being able to trust reviews anymore due to the positive reviews from sponsored products. Actually I find that bloggers in my country tend to do that and I find US bloggers more open and honest and that's what I appreciate. About your hair. I get how sometimes it could be frustrating to keep answering the same questions on simple things like your personal choice in wearing your hair the way you want. Sometimes people just don't understand coz they are not in the same situation. I like how you managed to find the solution to your thin hair. Looking great as always!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière


  3. Sweetie, people don't have the right to judge you or anyone else. Wear your hair any way you want. Don't feel any need to justify or explain your decisions. It's YOUR hair.

    The outfit is very cute.


  4. Hi Imogen! You look so cute as a modern Alice, the dress is very lovely. Im in love with the clutch and u know,I get what you said about ur hair as mine is the same. Urs looks great in that way.xo


  5. Well, I have three things I want to say about your hair.

    1. judgey people can go and jump in a lake.

    2. I love your hairstyle BUT and it isn't a bad but, BUT #3

    3. I cannot figure out for the life of me how you manage to get it so perfect each and every time.

    I know, because I am female, though my hairstyle would often pretend differently! there is probably something under that bun to hold it in place and make it so awesome.

    I have looked at those things and every single time thought WTF, how would I even use this. I don't get it.

    Please, for the less talented among us, please give us a hair tutorial, because just once I would love to have a bun like that. 😉

    I love you, I love your blog, and if and when we ever do meet, please excuse my staring at your hair because it is fascinating to me. 🙂


  6. My hair is so thin that it's impossible to do anything with it except let it down or tie it in a loose pony. Your hair looks perfect this way <3

    And your outfit is beautiful, love that cute dress!


  7. The dress seems inspired from Alice and Wonderland, it looks great on you Imogen xox

    By the way, wear your hair the way you want to, I love my hair long and out but it is a lot of work and I only do that for special occasions… most time it is in some sort of pony or a messy bun 🙂


  8. You look simply delightful in this dress, Imogen. AND I WANT THAT CLUTCH, it's sooooo cute! Alice In Wonderland is one of Jess' favorites, so I'm sure she would love this outfit as well.

    Happy Sunday, my sweet friend.



  9. You look adorable honey. Don't pay any attention to thse people honey. It's your hair, it's your life, no one has the right to judge your hair or anything else. Just smile to yourself and ignore them. You are such a beautiful girl, please stay the way you are.


  10. Love your outfit. So adorable. Not for myself, but you look so cute 🙂

    I actually eyed that bag as well!

    As far as reviews and trust go… I think it depends on the number of reviews you do and whether they are all always positive 😉

    And lastly, as far as your hair go. Ehr? My hairstyle is more or less the same every day, every outfit. Which by the way counts for a lot of other bloggers I know. So don't worry?

    Alex – Funky Jungle


  11. I love the Alice in Wonderland vibe! The dress is adorable, and the clutch is the perfect accessory. Also, I think your hair looks cute, and I think having a go-to hairstyle is a great idea. Negative people are not worth the effort to please.


  12. People really give you crap about your hair? I can't believe that! It's not like it's out of style. I'm sure when you feel like changing it up, you will. As for now it's cute! It compliments your girly and adorable style and it makes you feel good about your hair. The end.

    Also this dress is so incredibly cute. I love the neckline on it. The detailing on it is wonderful!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com


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