Style Icon: Taylor Swift

With the release of the album 1989, it’s that Taylor Swift time of year again. She’s everywhere I look. I have been one of her biggest fans right since the start (loved seeing her in concert two times with my sisters in law). If there was anyone in the world I could be then it’d undoubtedly be Taylor Swift. Even though the target audience for her music is generally girls younger than me, I always believe that Taylor Swift and I have a special connection since we were born in the same yearl she’s where I could be in life had I been fortunate enough to be a celebrity. (Yes, I’m sure Taylor sees it that way too!) In terms of the music, I believe this album is not as good as her previous music. There are many songs that I like but overall I am not a huge fan of pop music. However, I’m really obsessed with the songs ‘Clean’ and ‘This Love’ (and a few of the more traditional pop songs such as Blank Space and How You Get The Girl are pretty catchy). It’s ridiculous how much I’ve listened to Clean and This Love in the past week. Anyway, the point of this post is to discuss Taylor Swift fashion. When it comes to celebrities, I believe the hype around their fashion is generally extremely overrated. To be perfectly honest I think that the fact they have so much money should mean they look good all the time. It’s us bloggers that inspire me and have the best style. However, Taylor Swift is pretty much the only celebrity whose fashion excites me. and I look forward to seeing her looks. It’s so much more classy and elegant than others and I adore the often present vintage element. I have put together a number of my favourite looks of Taylor Swift. I initially intended to just choose a few but that approach lead to the rather large collection which you see here. There’s quite a variety in terms of red carpet/everyday looks and recent/earlier in time.


What are your favourites? Did I miss any of the best Taylor Swift looks?

61 thoughts on “Style Icon: Taylor Swift

  1. I adore that she has a way of looking super sophisticated and classy yet sexy. I've just really gotten around to listen to 1989 and found a couple of songs that I really love, but it's not my fave album of hers either, sadly enough!


  2. She's smart and knows how to style. I watched the talked show while blogging during the night that she was a guested – the host asked her why she has to dress ups right after worked out and just to walk out from a gym:). She didn't anwser tho but smile. Just wanna share her moment with you. She has a great style.


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