Review: Handbags 101

Recently I came across a resource called the Handbag Style Guide by Rue La La. It has a great deal of interesting and important information about handbags including a history of different styles through the decades, a description of iconic designer labels, tips on how to care for handbags and an outline of the different types of handbags. I definitely recommend you take a look at the site.

The handbag guide also shows some of the designer label signatures. I find this particularly interesting given my recent interest in designer handbags following the time I borrowed a real Chanel handbag.


The handbag guide outlines the different styles of bags so I thought I’d show you my favourite types to get an idea of what works for me:

The Clutch
I love clutch bags; they are so adorable and sweet. Of course they aren’t the most practical of bags (I even have a couple that can’t even fit in a iphone inside) but I try and make them work as much as possible. They are great for a night out and sometimes I take them into work in addition to another bag. I have so many clutch bags and here are some of them:

The Tote
I definitely believe the tote is the most popular type of bag out there; that’s no surprise given it’s so useful, practical, large and versatile. I especially love my tote bags by Guess and I can never resist adding a new one to my collection. I favour the tote bag over the hobo style bag because I like the structure of the tote.  Here are a few of my tote bags:

The Pouchette
This style of bag appears to be what I would call a flap bag. I was very interested to read that the shape is inspired by a loaf of bread tucked under a French girl’s arm (how crazy is that?!) I don’t have too many pouchettes but I do like the style and would definitely like to add more to my collection. I love that it reminds me of many of the classic Chanel bags. Here are a few of mine:

Check out Handbags 101 here.

74 thoughts on “Review: Handbags 101

  1. What a fabulous collection of bags you present here! So perfect with each outfit, I can see why Rue La La selected you, you did a wonderful job on this.
    I am a fan of clutches and lady like kellys.
    But a larger tote is a neccesity, sometimes, so finding a lightweight one is good!
    Love your lips clutch and fan clutch!
    xx, Elle


  2. you have an amazing bag colloction! they are so pretty 🙂
    would you like to follow each other on gfc? please let me know on my blog or follow me and i will follow you back:)


  3. I love how you based the collection showcase on the book and showed the bags as worn with some of your outfits, it's a really nice overview of your style. 🙂


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