Outfit: Emerald Velvet


Hi everyone. Unfortunately this is my last post with the gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, exciting and perfect Chanel bag. I would like to borrow her again but for now she is back with her rightful owner. The opportunity to borrow a real Chanel bag for a couple of weeks was very dangerous for my future bank account; it has  made me want my very own Chanel bag ore than ever before. I maintain hope that I will have my very own special treasure one day (even if it is extremely far into the future). My dress is another piece which my friend had custom made for me in Hong Kong. Like my yellow coat from my last post, this piece is perfect for me and holds the excitement of being designed exactly the way I wanted it. As I mentioned, I used the opportunity to have items made that I’ve searched for over the years but have never been able to find. I am a massive fan of velvet and always believe there isn’t enough of it around. It is frustrating that velvet only ever seems to come in black, navy blue and burgundy (as much as I love my dresses in those shades, a little variety would be desirable too). I adore the elegant and regal feel of velvet and I believe those elements are intensified in emerald green. Wow. There are so many styling possibilities for this dress. I especially love the combination of Chanel and velvet; to me it seems very elegant and classy…There’s not much else to report here. My life is about work, work and work right now. It’s a good job I like  this place so much.






Chanel Bag (borrowed!)
Custom Made- Emerald Velvet Dress
Wittner Queen Heels
Multi Colour Rosette Necklace c/o OASAP
Pandora Bracelet

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