Admission as a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW


On Friday 10 October 2014 I was admitted as a lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. I still can’t believe it: I never thought this could ever possibly happen. It means so much to me because of all the struggles along the way. I never felt good enough to be in this career and experienced indescribable anxiety and depression along the way. I almost quit university on numerous occasions because I was so incredibly miserable there. I also never expected to go undertake post graduate study which is also necessary to become a lawyer; that was the big decision I made this year to study at The College of Law. Friday was a very lovely day. The weather was warm and sunny. The admission ceremony was interesting. The formalities were a great experience; I loved it when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court read out my name and officially admitted me as an officer of the court. I had lots of family there to celebrate. I wish the day wasn’t over.

In terms of my outfit, I selected this dress for the occasion many months ago. It’s from Kitten D’Amour and as soon as I saw it in the store I knew it would be the dress for my admission (not that I by any means needed a new dress but becoming a lawyer is a pretty good justification). The dress code for the event was business attire but for me that simply wasn’t going to happen (I hate business clothes and don’t even wear them to my actual job). I thought this dress was a good compromise between business attire and what I would have worn had there been no dress code). In my mind I certainly justified it as the perfect dress. As it turns out business clothes is often interpreted rather broadly. I love this dress so much I believe it’s very elegant and classy. The velvet ribbon detailing (which is present on so many Kitten D’Amour pieces), the stripe design, the cameo, the lace and the neckline are all such gorgeous details.









Kitten D’Amour High Society Opera Dress
Chanel Bag (borrowed!)
Wittner Queen Heels
Prouds Pearls
Pandora Bracelet

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86 thoughts on “Admission as a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! It's great to see the success you worked so hard for materialize! You look so lovely (and so happy with both the diploma and the bag). 🙂


  2. The biggest and best congratulations to you Imogen, I'm so glad you're so happy with this, you deserve to be! All the hard work has paid off. You look lovely and I love the fact that you embrace your own style no matter what – you inspire me. – Tasha xxx


  3. Dear Imogen,
    That is great news, I'm so happy for you! All your hard work paid off, and you will soon start your career as a lawyer. Yes, this dress does look elegant and lovely. It suits you, my friend. I told you how special you were….now go and enjoy!



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