Outfit: Pink & Teal


I adore this pink shirt right now. I love the vibrant pink shade, the polka dot design and the pretty velvet bow detailing. This is the same shirt I have in black which is the ‘God Save the Kitten Blouse’ from Kitten D’Amour. I posted it here although you couldn’t really see much of it with a cardigan over the top. I much prefer it in pink but it’s good to have the black version too because there will always be use for a black shirt. This particular shade of pink is probably my favourite ever colour but it’s hard to find colours which are quite this bright. This is the outfit I wore to work last Monday and it was great to add some colour to the beginning of the week. I’m not too sure why I paired it with my teal skirt, it just randomly stood out to me as thought it was just asking to be a part of this look. The outfit possibilities for this shirt are endless and I especially have so many pattern mixing combinations in mind. I opted for the double polka dots with the shoes. I haven’t worn these shoes in ages. I love wearing double of the same pattern in an outfit especially when broken up by a solid colour.

In other news, on Friday I have my admission ceremony to become a lawyer. I am so excited and I wish it was Friday right now. There are very few things in life for which I ever get this excited.  I will write a blog post on it afterwards.






Kitten D’Amour God Save The Kitten Blouse in Pink
Portmans Skater Skirt
Peep Toe Shoes Polka Dot Flats
Prouds Pearls
Equip Pearl Hair Bow

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