Review: Australis Velour Lips

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about my new favourite lip colours from Savvy by DB. Last week I’ve discovered a range that I love just as much and that is the VelourLips by Australis. I’ve become much more interested in makeup recently partially because I’ve started following a few youtubers (that became my main hobby during winter time this year). After many year of only using very few different products, I’ve broadened my makeup collection. I still don’t experiment a lot but these new products of mine make me wonder how I ever survived without them. As a result I’m much better at makeup now and therefore more interested in it.

Australis is a brand to which I have paid very little attention in the past. However, when I was in Priceline I was drawn to the range ofVelourLips because of the vibrant shades. I often feel so frustrated that lip products come in very limited colour ranges. After researching the product subsequent to buying it, I realised that VelourLips has actually been around for quite a while so I am probably writing this post a year too late. However, I know that a number of these shades are new release so it is  still relevant. In my usual style, I ended up buying six different colours. There was a buy two get one free offer on Australis products in Priceline so that helped.

These lip creams are a gloss when applied but dry to a matte finish. My preference, when it comes to lip products, is to use matte products but then add a clear lip gloss over the top. I hate using coloured since they are not very pigmented and can end up all over my face. I also hate using just matte products because of the dryness and also the look (I know this isn’t the case for everyone but I prefer the look of glossy lips). So in the pictures below I have added clear gloss in each case. The staying  power of this product is amazing; it stays on well all day even after eating and drinking.  They are all well pigmented but I prefer to apply two layers since I like the shades to be extra bright.

Main Benefits
-affordability ($9.95)
-colour range

-the names seriously annoy me!

Lun Dun
I usually don’t wear lip colours this pale but I was looking for a third shade given the buy two get one free offer. I will probably wear it less often than many of the other shades but I still think it’s very pretty. I’ve been using some vibrant lip eyeshadows recently so this paler lip colour does have its uses.
I haven’t worn this shade yet. I tried it out for the first time just now for the purposes of this post. It has a slight orange hue, I was surprised that it’s more of a coral than a pink. I’m pleased about this because I’ve come to like coral more and more in recent times. I think I’ll get a lot of use from this colour.
Red lips is part of my signature look; for the past few years I’ve had red lips almost every single day. I never try out a new brand without picking up the red too. I definitely love this red product. It’s classic and beautiful. It’s a very bright red; in contrast to the deeper red which I’ve been wearing a lot from the Savvy by DB range.
This is certainly a bold choice and may not be to everyone’s liking but I definitely adore it. I read on a website the other day that this wasn’t a traditional work wear colour. Well, these rules never apply to me and  did wear this to work the other day. To be fair, it looks less crazy than it appears in this close up photo. I love how unique, bold bright this is; I seriously adore this and I think it’s my favourite from the entire collection.

I’ve wanted an orange lip colour for quite awhile now so I thought I’d be brave and try this one. It’s actually brighter in person so I feel rather daring.  I’m not used to orange so this will be one of the least wearable shades for me.  If I’d known that the Mi-a-mee shade was slightly orange then I may not have chosen this one. However, I’m up for the challenge of this bright orange.


This shade is so bright that it’s almost a fluro pink. Again it may not be to everyone’s taste but it sure is to mine. I love this so much and it was the colour which initially drew me to this range. It’s also the colour I was wearing  in my last outfit post with my pink tartan skirt. This is a really fun and summery shade; you can never have too much pink in your life.

Has anyone ever tried this product?

61 thoughts on “Review: Australis Velour Lips

  1. Imogen,
    I am lovin' the pale color, and although I would never wear the Purple one, it is stunning. I could just see this pretty color on you, Imogen, with a lovely Purple outfit.

    Enjoy the weekend, sweet lady.



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