Outfit: Rainbow Boxes


As a fan of all things rainbow I am very pleased with my new dress which I received courtesy of OASAP. Inspired by the Chanel Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection, I’ve been waiting for a dress this colourful. At first, when I last had credits from OASAP, I wasn’t completely sure about this dress. While I liked the design, sometimes you just don’t know about quality and sizing when buying dresses online. I was expecting the material to be more like cotton but it is actually extremely shiny in texture, will probably be rather warm to wear in summer. I am definitely pleased I chose this dress. My bag also arrived from OASAP and, deciding to combine both pieces in the same outfit, that’s where the purple theme came from. It can be fun to match different shades of the same colour.

On a personal note, I finished the coursework component of The College of Law on Friday. I still have to officially submit my work experience and a lot of paperwork before I can graduate but the difficult part is over. There are no words to explain how big this is for me and I still can’t even believe it is real. I’ve written so many times about how I always expected to fail at studying law so six years later I still can’t believe I was ever capable of anything like this. I am actually going to be admitted as a lawyer very soon. I never planned to enroll in this  graduate law course; after finishing university two years ago I was convinced I’d done enough study to last a life time. However, in a small window of opportunity of about a month when I actually felt surprisingly positive about life, I made the decision to enroll. I’m lucky because shortly after I resorted to my usual negative way of thinking; if I hadn’t made the decision when I did I never would have gone to The College of Law. The most difficult aspect of the course, in addition to studying while having a full time job, was dealing with the fact that my depression returned to an unprecedented level. Without saying too much, I did write in detail about this topic a couple of months ago, the sadness and exhaustion destroys me so much I spend every moment I’m not at work lying in bed. Trying to cope with the demands of study was beyond what I can explain. My life feels like it’s been put on hold and now college is over I hope I can concentrate on other aspects of my life. I can’t believe all my time outside work will now be free time. WOW!







Colorful Geo A-line Dress c/o OASAP
Stylish Shoulder Bag in Lavender c/o OASAP
Guess Flats
Alannah Hill Baby, Baby Chips and Gravy Cardigan

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73 thoughts on “Outfit: Rainbow Boxes

  1. You always look lovely in fit+flare dresses, Imogen. Did you see my lace fit+flare dress from yesterday? Love that this one is in a rainbow of colors and your lavender accents were perfect. Beautiful cardigan and ballerina flats. =)


  2. Congratulations Imogen, you should be so proud of yourself for perservering with your studies whilst suffering with depression – you might not feel like it at times, but it takes incredible strength to do that.

    I absolutely adore this dress, it is so cute and colourful, just what I love. I'm not sure I could style it as well as you though 🙂

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done


  3. The dress is really gorgeous and it looks so happy – hope it will help you stay positive! Congratulations on completing most of the work, enjoy the free time you now have! 🙂


  4. Oh wow I love this dress Imogent! You look so nice! Good to hear your work is all done now too, keep that positive attitude up and you'll get through this, I have faith in you 🙂 – Tasha xxx


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