Makeup: Gold & Pink


Hi everyone! Lately I’ve taken more of an interest in makeup in addition to my love for clothes. Although I wear a lot of makeup, I’ve never been particularly interested in it because I’m not very good and I don’t use a great variety of products. However, my love is starting to grow given that I’ve purchased a couple of amazing products recently. In particular the discovery of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo gel eye shadow has made make up increasingly enjoyable. for me I’ve wanted to write about this product for awhile now and now seems like the right opportunity given that this is a post about makeup. I’ve always loved eyeshadow but have very limited skills when it comes to its application. I’ve been so frustrated with powder eye shadows due to their limited durability; I hate it how I have to apply so much to get a vibrant colour and I’m always annoyed how its practically disappeared by lunch time. As a result I decided to try gel eye shadow and it is perfect. I never want to return to the powder variety. This particular Maybelline product stays on so well. It claims to last for 24 hours and I can definitely say that’s true. I was very bad and slept in it (I was so tired one night after work I fell asleep before taking it off) and the next morning it still looked as intense as the day before. It’s very easy to apply with a good consistency. I have this product in six different colours now but so far it’s only the gold and silver I use frequently.


I’m sure I’ll grow to like the others after experimenting a little more. It’s interesting because the purple and blue (which is a really fun and vibrant shade) appear to have a different consistency and don’t stay on as well.  They appear creamier and lighter, if that makes sense. I went a little crazy purchasing these products. I often find myself in Priceline during lunch time on a work day so that’s how all the damage was done. After years and years of eye shadow disasters my new product is amazing. I can happily say that this product, in combination with  the new lip products which I posted here, give me so many more makeup opinion. For years I used to wear random assortments of eye shadow and red lip stick each day. While red lip stick is certainly still my absolute favourite, I’m having such fun combining my new eye shadows with my new lip colours. Apart from that I like to keep my mascara, blush and face powder consistent. I like to break some of the traditional makeup rules and wear eyeshadow, vibrant lips and blush all at the same time because that’s just me!


The products I’ve used are:
-Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow in Bold Gold
-Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black
-Savvy DB Ultra Matte Lip Colour in Icon
-By Terry Growth Booster Mascara
-Clinique Almost Powder Makeup in Fair
-Clinique Blushing Powder Blush in Precious Posy

I’m wearing:
-Hello Sailor Spot Top from Kitten D’Amour

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