Outfit: Red & Pastels


This is my favourite and most worn dress at the moment; it’s the High Socie-tea Dress in Macaron which I showed you in my recent haul posted here. I’m so pleased to finally own this dress after admiring it for so many months. I can’t believe it came on sale for only $38 in the Modcloth 70% sale; no wonder it has completely sold out. I know a number of bloggers who own this dress and I adore how it makes me feel even more a part of this wonderful community. I love the pattern and the beautiful rainbow design. It means I could pair it with pretty much any of my cardigans; there can never be too much colour. I’m not too sure why I went for a red cardigan this time given that red isn’t exactly the predominant shade in the dress. I like how the red makes such a statement but I hope it doesn’t dominate or cover up the pattern too much.  In the summer time I’d like to wear it without a cardigan and with just my yellow heels. This dress is by Bea and Dot which is definitely my favourite brand sold on Modcloth; I always keep an eye out for their pieces. It has the sweetest and most unique prints. I also love the quality and this dress is no exception; I’m always very pleased when a dress is fully lined. The only issue I had was the length. This is supposed to be more of a midi length but I’ve said a couple of times now that such design just doesn’t suit me. I got the dress hemmed but it came up still much longer than I expected. It’s definitely the longest dress I own. I was thinking of getting it adjusted again but actually I don’t mind the slightly longer length; making it too short would detract from the shape. I’ve also been using my fan clutch bag from Forever New. I’ve had it for two years but probably haven’t used it since at least last year; I always forget I have it. Don’t you just love rediscovering old favourites?







Modcloth Bea and Dot High Socie-tea Dress in Macaron
Forever New Fan Clutch
Alannah Hill You Gossip Cardigan
Florsheim Peta Red Velvet Heels

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95 thoughts on “Outfit: Red & Pastels

  1. I like the colour combination and contrast between the pretty mix of pastels in the print on your High Socie-tea Dress and the bright red of your Alannah Hill You Gossip Cardigan. You have an excellent eye for colour and coordinated your clutch and shoes beautifully with your dress and cardigan. Since it's hot and Summer here in the U.S. I'd imagine it's Winter and cold there, so I'm glad your dress is lined. I'm surprised that there's so much green foliage where you took your outfit photos. There's much less green here in Winter.

    I did a new post but don't expect people to read it all before commenting because it contains a horrendously long rant.



  2. I love this dress so much (: The shape of it is so gorgeous, and I love that you paired it with the bright red accessories!


  3. Red sweater, red shoes, and red lipstick….ooolala. Imogen, you look so pretty in this outfit. You know, RED is one of my favorite colors in fashion.

    A happy day to you, dear, and thank you for your words today on Jess' Master degree. It was such an exciting day for us all.



  4. no wonder it is your fav dress at the moment! It is a really lovely dress and it looks amazing on you.

    I agree that making it shorter would probably affect the shape of it and anyway it looks really lovely on you like this!



  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love how you paired the red pieces with your dress…it adds a flair to the otherwise pale pastel colors:) Hope everything is well!
    xo Olivia


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